Pictures From Last Weekend’s Show

Valiosa’s 3rd show – here’s the photos!

Show at PEC

Recouped after bolting.  Good girl!

valiosa at pec

Stretchy Trot, Training Level Test 2.

stretchy trot

In the second test, yep, still only posting trot, Training Level Test 3.



-"Neh, I don't think I want any stretchy trot in this test."
-“Neh, I don’t think I want any stretchy trot in this test.”

Great job Valiosa!  Canter pictures coming in next post.  I’m fried after 3 days backpacking at the ocean with the scouts and going to bed.  Love my horse and family!

training level test 3

Thank you for the pictures Grey Horse Photography!


26 thoughts on “Pictures From Last Weekend’s Show

  1. I get the “no stretchy trot in this test” all the time–but meanwhile she can do it perfectly at home. Too distracted at a show. And it’s not like there is a totally reliable cue to redirect her from distraction to “gently chew the reins out of my hand”…

    Anyhow, you both do look great, lovely turnout for both of you and she really does look like she’s only a short distance from getting training level down pat.

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    1. Aw, thank you Alli! She’s a love, and I think she’s made big strides forward since our first Intro Level Tests. Still, ugh, those canter transitions… I never thought it would be so hard to solidify them… It’s still hit or miss with her. I refuse to “drill” anything, so our progress there is slow…
      Well, anyhow 🙂 Canter images coming up in the next post – I’ve finally unpacked from the weekend camping trip!


  2. Fantastic job! Both you and Valiosa, all dressed up and color coordinated – my daughters would give you high marks for that alone. 🙂


    1. They all look so “put together” in braids, don’t they 🙂

      Doing it all from scratch with my mare has been really fun and eye opening. Most of all, it has taught me that I truly love this; the horses, the riding, and dressage, and that it’s never too late to learn. Sure, more success would have come if I was in a training barn environment, but I think there are MANY riders out there who don’t have that luxury. So, hopefully this little blog can be a small inspiration source for other adults in the same boat… 🙂

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      1. Actually, you are a big inspiration. I do not have all the facilities either, but I am about to buy a horse (beautiful dressage horse I am trying to rescue because of abuse…). I hope it will happen for me and the horse and then the beautiful but probably difficult path to healing will begin. I will be training alone too. But first let’s see if it happens and help him get over the abuse…
        They do look beautiful in braids, but I can look beyond that. Your mare is beautiful!!


        1. Oh what an exciting plan! I DO hope it will come together for you Merel. Fingers crossed for you. And the horse…
          Please share if it happens! I’m sure you’ll have just the right ability to connect with this horse and create something special. Sometimes that’s just the way it works out!

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          1. Hi Elinor, I didn’t succeed buying the horse unfortunately. He’s already sold to someone in England 😦 Felt very sad standing in his empty stable this morning. I hope he is with very good people and I am sending him lots of positive energy ❤


          2. Oh, so sorry it didn’t pan out for you 😦
            That seemed to happen quick. Keeping my fingers crossed for him that he has started a new adventure with someone who really values and cares for him!
            I know how hard it is to get involved with a horse, only to see it gone…

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