Tack Room Update

The tack room chandelier –

Had a few questions on how it turned out in the tack room.  (Dave, Rick, really?!)  So, without further ado, a little Tack Room Update.

The chandelier installed:

Because every tack room needs one
Because every tack room needs one

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I admit it, I don’t even know how to create a Blog Hop.

Seriously.  I’ve hopped up and down here on the couch several times, but it’s not working.  So.  Anyone, feel free to post your Tack Room for all to see – I would love to take a peek!


17 thoughts on “Tack Room Update

      1. O.k., will post a picture one of these days…you will see how those of us in large barns live! There are pros and cons…Tiny tack box allowed (lots of carrying things back and forth from home), but very nice amenities (a bathroom with a toilet that flushes! and water to wash your hands, woohoo! warm water for washing horses!). Frankly, my horse lives at the Ritz for horses, lucky girl. From her standpoint, what matters is that her friend is there, her stall is (relatively) clean, and the food is plentiful and frequent. Life is good.


  1. Not going there either…we manage to cram tack for 20-25 people into one very small room. Peeking in the doorway, you cannot see from one end to the other.


  2. Wow… That is amazing, i want a cozy tack room like that! That is so going to be my next project!! (I can already feel how my husbond is going to sigh everytime i borrow his tools and use them the wrong way)


    1. If I understand blog hops correctly, you make a blog post with it, and refer to my blog post with a link.
      Anyone, correct??? I think this is it??
      Haha Anne, you and me both don’t know how to do it some other way. I really think this is it though.

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      1. Well for several years I just wrote for other blog sites or social media sites so I’m just getting up to speed with managing my own site. So I post my picture in a blog post and put in a link to aHorseForElinor is it .net? at the end?


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