Warmup Woes

training level warmup

A good, established, warmup routine for the warmup?

This is not the one, but we made the best of it!

Valiosa, at her 4th show, Training Level.  This time a beautiful foal was born the night before and was in a pasture next to the warmup arena and the showring.

She was tense the minute we got in there
She was tense the minute we got in there

Right outside the rail, the filly, less than 12 hours old, was resting on the ground with her mom.

She was convinced she should intervene somehow.
Valiosa was convinced she should intervene somehow.

It was a great lesson to come with a plan, and act on it, regardless of distractions.

Warmup canter

We warmed up some more.  Each time past D she’d spin and fling her self to see the filly.

"Mom, I think it's dead! Or maybe I should steal it?! And make it my own foal!"
“Mom, I think it’s dead! Or maybe I should steal it?! And make it my own foal!”

Whatever her reason, this newborn treasure made for the greatest distraction ever for her.  Better in the few outdoor warmup minutes.

outdoor warmup

Interrupted by screaming at the baby, in mule pose.

screaming at baby

Wonderful filly! She needs a name - they want something starting with an L!
Wonderful filly! She needs a name – they want something starting with an L!

I love my young mare!

She pulled it together and we had two decent tests – pictures next time!

Warming up for Training Level Test


16 thoughts on “Warmup Woes

  1. Loved it! Laughed the whole way through. Oh, Valiosa! Good for you, pulling it together at the last minute (and bad girl, giving your mother fits throughout the warm up!). Lovely last picture, by the way, she looks quite grownup!


    1. 🙂 I’m still not sure if this is the oncoming rebellion of the 5 year old age, or if she’s simply unable to contain her maternal instincts.
      Our mares, they’re just going to keep us guessing 😉
      Best of luck this weekend! !!!

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  2. Sounds like she will make a good mama some day, should you ever decide to breed her. As I read, I chuckled, and a name popped into my head for the baby – Liliana (Lily for short).


  3. At my first show with my old Thoroughbred there was a whole herd of horses in the pasture which bordered the dressage arena. As this was our home barn, my horse was extremely interested in all his buddies right next door and called out to them as we passed M heading down the long side. Comment from the judge: inattentive but obedient. Yes, he was in the ring doing exactly what the test required while he let out a tremendous whinny. Good for you, Valiosa, getting it all out BEFORE you entered the ring!

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    1. Oh, that is just the hardest – showing at a home barn full of new distractions. Always seem to get them even more on edge than at a new, unfamiliar place.
      Not much you could do about it, I’m sure.
      I’m simply hoping for more experience for her, to settle. Well. Years of experience 😉

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      1. Yesterday a friend took some video of me and Charm practicing First-1. My friend was standing on the judge’s platform at C and supporting the camera with a handy white pole that just happened to be there. Mare decided she really didn’t want to approach strange person with camera on brilliant white pole. That was not the view she was accustomed to from halt at X. Get a grip, mare…

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    1. She does!! She was raised in a herd of horses (pregnant mares, foals, young mares) until she was long past 3 years, and probably saw several new foals. I’m sure that had something to do with it.

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