Valiosa’s Show Last Weekend

She pulled it off!

After a tense warmup, she was OK in the showring.

Training Level 1

The most amazing thing was that we didn’t really fight at all in the canter at the test.  After all misunderstandings at home, all she needed was some extra “up and go” on Sunday, and it all smoothed out.

Training Level Trot

A few of the canter transitions even had a very nice score.  Grey mare, always full of surprises.


Goes without saying – we didn’t look like this most of the test, you know that…  But, there’s potential!

Love my mare

A 67.1 in Training Level Test 2, and a 65 in Training Test 3. 4th and 5th place.  Again she felt much better in the 2nd test but got a worse score.  Seems to happen to many riders.

warmup canter

I’m so glad I have my friend Nancy, without her it would be very hard for Valiosa and I to get out to the shows.  Nancy, you’re a star!

And very grateful for my awesome husband, coming out for the first time to see Valiosa show and taking all these pictures!  Thank you!

Me, my boys, and our horse, love my family!

love my family


18 thoughts on “Valiosa’s Show Last Weekend

  1. Lovely photos! Classic dressage result that the test you felt was better for a lower score. We’ve all been there. Everything looks just as it should for training level. Bravo!


    1. Oh Thank You! It feels like it has taken us a while, but I think she “gets” her job a little bit more now. (Yeah, still working on instilling more forward. The rest of her life haha.)
      Sending all sorts of good thoughts to you for the last training sessions before the next show. Have fun with it all!

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      1. Settled her into the facility today – the show starts tomorrow! She was VERY good today, surprisingly good. Maybe she’s learning what shows are about? Surprisingly fast to learn, hmmm. We’ll see how tomorrow goes…

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        1. Oh what a good girl – learning to get out and about already, without stressing up a sweat in the first few hours!
          And wow, a “sleeping over” show – lucky both of you to be able to do this early, it’s so good for them to get through that experience.
          I’ve yet to be able to do that and hope it won’t come back to bit us in the future should it ever become available… 😉
          Hope today went well!!!


          1. Overall the first show day went quite well in spite of chilly, windy conditions and lots of very tense horses leaping about. Star held it together and put in two tense rides but she did it! Will sum up the show in the blog when the weekend is over. Pics from the first day on my FB page 🙂

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          2. What a change in temperature and winds we’ve had here over just one night! Proud of both of you for being out there, so green, and showing in it!
            Now, I’ll head over to see some pictures! 🙂


    1. I am, but mostly because she makes for such an awesome, kind friend.

      I don’t know if she has any upper level potential at all (so far I haven’t seen any.) but getting to share these base years with her has been the most fun I’ve ever had with the horses! 🙂


    1. Good – I won’t. I’ve looked at many other rider scores, and, strangely, it seems to be a pattern for some.
      We’ll carry on! Today, I think we actually leg yielded absolutely classically correct, slowly, but relaxed. Now I probably jinxed it, haha!!


  2. Greetings from Texas –

    Both of you looked very nice in the showring. And, fantastic photos. A few more turns, you’ll be competing for the blue ribbon. Again, nice color coordination. 🙂

    Today was Day 1 of Week 1 for my daughters. The highlight of the day, the one hour lightning delay this morning and a two hour rain delay this afternoon. Some of today’s schedule was pushed back into tomorrow, though it is forecasted to rain for most of tomorrow. My girls are scheduled to ride tomorrow.


    1. My hubby will be so pleased to hear this! He’s never sure I’m happy with the pictures, even though I tell him!
      Sounds like TRUE Texas weather… Hope the show went OK!!
      My year I lived in Texas, I saw more varieties of weather than I have in a life time. Just amazing


      1. Day Two, rainy all day until late this afternoon. My daughters rode in two classes today in the rain, taking blue and red ribbons and all three qualified for the hunter derby tomorrow. Tomorrow’s weather, sunny and humid. The real-feel temp is expected to be in the low 90s.


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