New Arena Sand

Loving on our newly added arena sand!

If you’re like any other horsey friend, you know it didn’t just show up, correctly, on time, and install itself, right?

Arena sand delivery, take one.  Jumping for joy at the belated truck!  (Like waiting for the -90’s cable guy, only better.)

sand delivery take one

Awkward panic moment when the first load has to be stopped, mid dump.

wrong sand

Always cute Michelle, checking out the chicken grit, no, I don’t know, ostrich grit (?) dumped on the center line.

Yeah right that is awesome sand
Yeah right that is awesome sand

Moving on to arena sand delivery, take two.  New company.  Still late.  Still jumped for joy at the truck and transfer delivery.

arena sand delivery take 2

Success in the end!  And a chance of one more delivery in July.  The horses are going much better with the softer footing!  You know how great that feels.

7 thoughts on “New Arena Sand

    1. Hoping you’ll get some soon 🙂 I’m sure our arena was in much worse condition than yours though – pretty much the whole longsides were hard and packed down to nothing. Sorely needed – see what I did there 😉


  1. Always great when you get new sand in! I’m still working on getting mine spread just right, but the horses do love the softer footing! Have definitely been down that road of delivery problems – including one guy who refused to go down our driveway! But always worth it, in the end.


    1. 😉
      This, second delivery company, DID go down the driveway, but sadly also scraped up the metal roof a little bit on the arena. Our barn owner had to dig down into the arena before the 2nd batch came in, to avoid him scraping it more.
      It’s never easy, is it? 😉

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