Bounce Jumping

It was a first try at a bounce jump.

She’s done low jumps with either one or two canter strides in between.  Very green, but happy.

Also tested a low “water” jump, with a tarp.  No problem.

Wanted to see how a simple bounce would work out.  Some more coordination there.  And more fun for her!  It’s why we’re doing it.

She did awesome on the lunge line, obviously she knew exactly what to expect.  Braved it and thought I could send her without the lunge a couple of times.

May Jumping 1

That was a little too much fun.  She flew around, several laps, jumping the side bar, the chairs, invisible jumps.  Very nice trot though.

May jumping 2

May jumping 3

May jumping 4

jumping the chairs

She’s won’t be playing unleashed at the dogpark again just yet!  Not until she’s learned the recall command.

She had a blast.  Back to the lazy dressage mare again tomorrow.

-"Flymask? What schtinkin flymask?"
-“Flymask? What schtinkin flymask?”

Have fun with your friends!


15 thoughts on “Bounce Jumping

  1. My, that pony can jump! Maybe you should consider eventing? Keep jumping her, it’s such good cross training and clearly it peps her up. Good for her back and helps her to think FORWARD! Star is just doing ground poles at this point but I hope to jump her a bit later in the summer (if I’m that brave…).

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    1. Who’s gonna event her!? Not this pilot, over those solid fences 😉
      OK, we’ll keep jumping our little plastic chairs. Trying to be creative with testing new jumps, I’m going to create a “wall” with help of a tarp sometime when we try it in June. I’m pretty sure she’ll go over it no prob.

      And, I’m pretty sure Star is a LOT more horse to handle going over the jumps. Especially AFTER, when you sort of want to be sure you’ll turn, and not scrape into the rail. I don’t blame you at all for waiting a little bit longer with the jumps 🙂

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        1. And fall they do :0 These little plastic fences I’m constructing only take a bare brush of a bell boot and the whole thing unravels. It’s all we have out there, and that’s OK, I can’t really lug around any heavier stuff anyway.
          Part of the reason I’ve done so little jumping under saddle – feels ridiculous mounting many times in a ride to put the jump back together 😉


          1. Yeah… planning on trying under saddle again in about a week or so. She might decide to jump really high over it, despite knowing it’s all knickknacks 😉 we’ll see!!
            We do this very infrequently, and for less than 15 jumps, so her jumping experience is not exactly impressive. Yet 🙂

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    1. Yes, Please let this chair jumping be a phase!
      In all honesty, I do not believe she has true ability for high level dressage. (At least not with me.) She can be quite plodding, the canter is sometimes so akward you’d just laugh at it, and the walk does not come naturally either 😉
      I would love to have to eat my own words a year from now, and say that I think she has a lot of natural talent. If you can see it maybe she does!

      Stay tuned while we continue to lay the foundation at Training Level! 🙂


      1. Well the foundation you are giving her will be good for any discipline. And maybe she will show you she would work better in another discipline. Have you seen Eric Lamaze ride Coco Bongo? ( check it out on You Tube) Well that’s a pretty interesting canter or tranter and that horse is a Grand Prix jumper. They all have a talent for something.


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