Selfies With Horses

Obligatory on any equestrian blog:

The horse selfie.

Of course you take wonderful pictures with your steed.  This post is for us a bit more challenged.

2 1/2 years of writing, I still haven’t attempted it more than once.  Clearly, this is why.

horse selfie 1

horse selfie

bad horse selfie

There’s nothing more to say.

horse selfies

We’re not going to try this again.

And then the; “When tall horses happen to good people” selfie.

when tall horses happen to good people

Although this was at Dorado Andaluz yesterday.  I was there to, well not to take selfies, but to discover that I ride mostly with one leg, and that my hips should turn more in lateral work.

And a new trick with my thumbs.  Dressage people – we’re SO much fun!

Seriously, it was awesome!  It’s been too long since I was there.  As always it’s wonderful to catch up with Alexis and all the horses, some are all grown up now!  I rode Cariñosa, trying not to push the wrong buttons.

Leaving you with; “When husbands take candid pictures at shows.”

candid pictures gone wrong

She looks like she dressed her self.

7 thoughts on “Selfies With Horses

  1. Oh, thank you for a good laugh to start my morning. LOVE the selfies, and the picture of Valiosa looking like she dressed herself: priceless. Yep. Believe me, we have plenty of those pictures before the editing process :-). I think your selfies with the V-girl are very cute, by the way!

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    1. 🙂 Husband: -“So, what’s wrong with it? It’s the horse. Standing there in the picture. And it’s a clear shot. Fine, I shouldn’t take Any more pictures.”

      Can’t argue with that 😉 He thinks his candid shots are just as great as my selfies 🙂


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