Dog Days Of Summer

Many, many weeks of summer fun ahead.

Valiosa will have several extra rest days during the next 10 weeks.  She will turn 5.  And she will enter her first rated show.  In the middle of all that extra resting.

Enough to make the pilot choke.  But possibly enough to increase the Impulsion score.

Happy Memorial Day every one!  Hope your summer is starting out great!

Happy Memorial Day

I’m looking forward to spending even more time with my quirky boys.  They are funny, make me laugh out loud every day, and I’m privileged to have them.

Our dog is also looking forward to more crazy adventures.

Hands down the best dog

Although he won’t get to go on the 5 day backpacking trip to Yosemite.

I hope this summer will have Valiosa sniffing at 1st Level.  Maybe she can.  As long as we have enough saddle time.

Don’t know about you, but a show is sort of great motivation to keep it going through all those long months of sticky summer riding…

Dressage On A Dime

6 thoughts on “Dog Days Of Summer

  1. Sometimes extra days of rest are beneficial. Did you know that dogs are allowed in certain areas of Yosemite? We just got back from there and saw lots of dogs, on leash of course.

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    1. Yes – extra rest, usually good! Only this time, it’s not an entirely happy story. More on that tomorrow.
      Love it that some pooches can enjoy the great Yosemite. Although we’re doing an actual true backpacking trip hiking in and over the ridge, through desolation wilderness and roughing it for 5 days just to get to the top. I love hiking with my dog but this trip is too big for him – you know how it is, I’d hate to have to worry about him on day 3 knowing he’d have to carry on for 2 more days no matter what… He’ll get to spend a week in the mountains with us at Donner Lake instead 🙂
      Hugs to you and your new horse Christine!!!


  2. Hiking in the backcountry sounds enticing. And, Valiosa in her first rated show, that should be exciting and good experience for you both.

    We’re back home from Texas before heading out to SoCal next week. Horse shows are our summer diversion.


    1. Wow, you sure do get around! That’s a lot of dedication to the family, to travel to all these shows. Very sweet!
      Thinking about it, I think it’d be cool to read a post about your favorite routines for keeping the horses “on track” during the long show-travel season. Gut health, hydration, and so on. Everyone does something different and I love to hear it!


      1. I might be able to convince my daughters to write about their routines in keeping the horses well during the show-travel season.


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