There’s no denying it – summer heat is ON

It’s on, and it’s here to stay.

Valiosa had a ride with the bareback pad.  Mostly at the walk.  It still got clammy.  Yep, summer!

riding with bareback pad in summer

I’m trying to save up on my elbow joints, helping them heal.  So, some alternative work here and there, without lifting the saddle.  Not sure we’re really all that productive, but Valiosa is having fun!

Your favorite tip for beating the heat in the barn?  Now would be a great time to hear it!

liberty work with horse

horse playing with barrel
Thinking no one was looking, mare flew her weird flag


8 thoughts on “There’s no denying it – summer heat is ON

  1. A cooling vest keeps me in the saddle during the summer, combined with morning rides. I have a difficult time when the weather gets this hot so I have found that the vest and planning early rides are best for me.

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  2. Ugg. Summer heat. I got sweaty just walking to the ring the other day. Ride early is the only answer, I think, and pray for a cooling trend. Love the picture of Valiosa being weird with the barrel. Nice sense of humor, that mare.

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  3. I dip a handkerchief in half rubbing alcohol half water wring out and wear around my neck. Helps immensely! Also we ride at daybreak or in the evening.

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