Things Don’t Always Go As Planned

And that’s OK.

This week, stuck in the house with a fever and severe cold (flu?  Who knows, who cares.) until all horsey goals shatters.

The entry for Sunday’s show will be applied to the next date in July.  How generous is that?!  Thank you Mar Val Stables , you are fantastic!

Valiosa would have been so cute, game face on and all.

large dressage braids elinor yee

It’s OK.  Days on end of suckiness like this makes it all feel so much more worthwhile when we get back out again, doesn’t it?  Can’t wait! 

Miss my girl, and friends at the barn.  But I’m sure, that in the end, something good will come out of this.

For now, the grainiest shots ever of Gandolf, who just turned 19.

cantering with canadian warmblood

He’s such a gentleman, on some days it’s a gift to get on and ride him. The riding gets so muddled with my young horse sometimes.

He responds to the leg nicely, always tries his best. Uncomplicated. Just what you need when you’re starting to wonder if you actually know how to ride. At all.

trotting with canadian warmblood

cantering with canadian

cantering with canadian in indoor arena


7 thoughts on “Things Don’t Always Go As Planned

  1. Sorry to hear you are unwell. I hope you will have a speedy recovery. My Grandson ( aged 18 months) gave me a nice cough when he was staying with us five weeks ago He left but the cough has stayed with me. UGH! I am now on some meds for it however and hoping it will be cleared up soon. I can still ride but it is just a nuisance.


    1. Oh no Anne, that’s a long time with a cough. I know all about what it’s like to have less than “cooperative” lungs… Hoping it ends soon – I always find that if I can ride, it usually feels better after, whatever it is 😉 Interesting 🙂 Get better soon!
      I’ll keep sniffling on the couch for some time., then it will be SO sweet to get back out there.


  2. Hello from SJC!

    Sorry you’re under the weather. It’s the pits during the summertime. One year, I caught the flu in late June – not fun at all. That was nice of your dressage show to change your application to the next show. Not too many will do that for you. They must like you. 🙂

    We got here yesterday afternoon, no problem with the too hot desert. Horses were comfortable in their a/c cooled trailer. Today, day one of show #1, was an off day for my daughters. They were able to do light workout this morning and do a proper practice late this afternoon. Tomorrow, they’ll be riding two hunter classes and one jumper class, so it’ll be busy.

    Take care!!!


    1. I think it was my lucky star who let me do the class next month – too much bad luck this spring 😉
      Now I know half of the secret with keeping the horses healthy and hydrated during the long show season – A/C in the trailer, of course! I think it’s gold worth for anyone taking long hauls, more than a couple of weekends, and I know you guys are out there for weeks on end 🙂
      Hope they do well!


  3. Being sick in the summer is especially no fun! So sorry to hear you’ve been so sick. Get better soon and back to what you really want to do. I’m sure Valiosa has missed you!

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  4. I love seeing you ride my boy. He is the love of my life and it really doesn’t matter that he has 4 legs and a tail.


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