Back in the saddle!

In a lifetime, we’ll say this over and over again, just as happy every time things start going back to normal!

After some 10 days (?, lost count), of time off, Valiosa came out just like any other day.  Deep nickers in the paddock (yes, she got kisses, no shame), and off we went.  No lunging required, no antics.  She’s a gem!  And the new second batch of arena sand felt great!trotting with young horse

While sick I spent useless time watching shoulder in and canter transitions videos, so that’s what we worked on.  My problem is that in fear of ever over drilling, I tend to leave any exercise much too soon.

Four transitions to canter on the 20 m, none of them feeling the way they should, I still leave.

Leg yield from the quarterline, twice.  A 10 m circle.  On to a couple of attempts at the shoulder in on two long sides.  It keeps her feeling more fresh, sure, but there’s obviously no true schooling of the movements this way.  We didn’t really get anywhere.  Definitely looking forward to our lesson a week from now!

cantering young half andalusian

My left arm is still very painful.  Probably for a long time.  I’ve decided to look at it as an opportunity to develop lightness in the contact.  .  Always an opportunity for something 🙂

Ended with some canter lengthening attempts.  She goes higher, like a rubber ball, but not necessarily longer.  It will be my job to figure out how to make it better.  First, I need to develop a reliable contact.  It’s not there, I can see it.  So, ride better 🙂

andalusain cross mare dressage

no consistent contact on the bit in dressage

Love this mare!

16 thoughts on “Back in the saddle!

  1. Beautiful pictures! She looks like she is developing nicely and reaching well under herself and into the contact. I think you are on the right track. Keep going with your exercises 🙂 And congratulations on being back in the saddle – I KNOW that makes you very happy, and I think Valiosa is glad to be with you again, too!

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    1. It means so much – doesn’t it, a picture here and there confirming the little bugger can, at least for a second, look presentable 🙂 We just need to work on getting several seconds strung together… I’m considering perhaps duct taping both my elbows to be able to ride tomorrow again too, without jarring.
      You know how that goes 🙂 We always want more.

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  2. She is stunning! And totally agree about that type of work making them feel fresh. I once read an article where they compared shoulder in to aspirin for horses. And hee hee at the ‘ride better’, sounds so familiar! . love your posts!


    1. Thank you Marilize! Exactly WHY I so want to install the shoulder in as a valid exercise for her. So good. But tricky.
      No fiddling with the inside rein. No rubber neck. No loss of tempo. So hard!


      1. yeah i still have a lot to learn about it! especially the inside rein thing. i’ve realised, the further i get (keep in mind that i’m really just a farm rider that plays around with flatwork and trying my best to do it correctly) that the inside rein causes more trouble than not!


    1. Haha, that’s the beauty we get for using WordPress – not all features, all the time 🙂 I’m sure it’s there, probably doesn’t pop up all the time in various formats.
      Some nights, when I really want to catch up on blogs that I follow, the posts just keep “popping” back and forth, until you give up reading. Have no idea why!


        1. ooh! Ad blockers, so far I’ve had really bad luck with them. Go figure.
          Right now, I’m slowly working on the idea of upgrading the Blog to Premium. The readership keeps growing and I’m having fun with it, so, – perhaps an Ad Free experience can be had here later this summer! We’ll see 🙂


          1. For some reason when I upgraded to premium I had trouble uploading large files–like videos or more than a few kbytes photos. Maybe snoop around forums and see if this is a common issue. You get about 80% close to complete upload and then “http error” appears and you’re back to square one. Better luck with my old XP laptop than with Windows 10.

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          2. No! That just can’t keep happening! It’s a major reason why I’m going with the Premium plan in the first place; just for the ease of having more space. Ugh. I’m investigating for sure before making a move. Thank you Alli!


  3. Good to know you are back in the saddle. don’t be too hard on yourself. And as for the canter lengthening the fact that she goes ‘up’ is a plus. Better than barging ‘down’. And as we all know this riding thing is a loooooong process. Enjoy your lesson !

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