Looking For Small Signs

Still looking for one sign of improvement each day.

With a young horse, it’s really not too hard.

No, I don’t own a horse with naturally gifted gaits, inborn talent, innate balance, or even much of a desire to go forward at all.  Most of us don’t, which is why I think you keep coming back here! 🙂

Remember I talked about this already?  (In This post, on the importance of finding improvement in everyday training.)  Don’t miss the small signs!

OK, so, trudging along with Valiosa.

creating more forward in the horse

In March, that was her, every day.

Really don’t care how blurry this next picture is.  If she can go through just one corner reaching through like this, focused, we are improving!

reaching with hind leg in corner

The inside shoulder will lift as she comes along in the training.  And I’ll have to figure out how to encourage that for her…

Sure, we don’t agree on everything, every day.

halting with too much hand

But we’re both working hard on improving, in our own little way.

Have an awesome week ahead!


10 thoughts on “Looking For Small Signs

  1. My daughters think you ride beautifully. Of course, dressage is far different from hunter/jumper but the some of basic moves, switches, lead changes, etc. are the common threads between the disciplines. When that breakthrough comes, you will be pleasantly surprised.

    BTW, the daughters are riding well – week #2 in SJC was a very good one. Today was a complete day off with the high heat. The only activity was an early morning ride followed by an easy grooming day. This afternoon was a siesta one for the horses. Tomorrow, easy practice … plus its media day.

    Stay cool.:)


    1. Oh well thank you!
      I hear you with the heat – it’s really tough right now, and I’m sure you’ve got the humidity to deal with it on top as well. Here, we’re more dry parched, cracking. Not sure what I prefer, really 😉
      Looking forward to seeing something from media day!


  2. Hi Elinor!
    Remember I told you about the dressage horse I rescued? Guess what he needs to recover… dressage! He needs Classical Dressage because of his kissing spines, so we are exploring that and I am blogging about it. So if you are curious do take a look at hippachthehorse.wordpress.com. It seems we are both on a dressage adventure now! Loved your post 🙂 ! You are right, small signs are super. I call them baby steps and I am happy with every one of them.
    Love Merel

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    1. Oh I’m so happy to hear you’re embarking on this with him! With the right training, some horses can really come a far way from suffering from kissing spines. Good for you both!! 🙂
      Thank you for the update. I’ll take a peek!

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