It’s just hot. Nothing else to say

My friend is posting about melting in the summer heat.

She’s taken on a tough summer job with some talented horses.  And talented riders.  A learning opportunity.  In scorching heat, that’s really not the easiest.

We can all relate.  I puff up like a blowfish in the helmet, before we even trot.

horse tied to red pole
Valiosa – no puffing up.

Yep, that’s 104.7 here today.  The kind of warmth where your eyeballs sting.  We carry on.

hot summer temperatures

Anyway, my friend she’s sweltering too.  I really don’t have much advice to give.  She’s in – wait for it.  Sweden.  I know, isn’t she cute?

15 thoughts on “It’s just hot. Nothing else to say

  1. Whew! that is HOT. I thought we were hot here last weekend, jackets were excused at the show and we were in the 90s F ( 32-33 Celsius plus humidity feeling like 40C).


    1. That sounds like one of those show weekends when things just get too sticky… Definitely not my favorite!
      I had an opportunity for a show in a couple of weeks, and I’m backing down due to heat. Hoping I won’t regret it.


      1. Heat affects everyone differently. I seem to be ok with it. My coach Belinda Trussell ( who is going to Rio for Canada!) has a real struggle with heat. You know yourself best so you’re making the best decision.


        1. As a long distance runner for many years, I know some of us simply have a REALLY hard time with the heat. Sigh. I am from Sweden, and I seem to never get used to the desert like conditions here. My best advice, is to condition the body to the climate at least 2 weeks ahead of the event. Perhaps she can ride in a hot airtight tracksuit in preparation 😉 Only half way joking.
          And then, how cool is it that your coach is going to the Olympics!!!

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  2. That is hot! Staying cool is an exercise in itself.

    Today was a rather cool day – not too hot, not too cool. We had a bit of a marine layer from the overnight linger into the day, so the temp didn’t get past 75°F. At least it ‘s more comfortable than the 100°F we had two weeks ago. It’s expected to be in the 80s over the weekend.

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  3. Yeah. I feel YOUR pain, not hers though. :0)

    My car said it was 107 when I drove out to the barn today (iphone said only 101). Since I stayed the night up at our cabin (it’s at about 6,000 feet so it was very pleasant up there!), it was too hot to ride when I got back into town, but I did want to run out and give them their supplements and fly spray. I felt bad that they were just standing around doing nothing, so I took them both on a walk around the property to graze. I tried to lead them to the grass in the shade, but they didn’t seem to care whether we stood in the sun or the shade. I lasted about 30 minutes.

    California is just hot in the summer, especially anywhere near the central valley. We just learn to live with it, don’t we? LOL


    1. Yeah, we just sort of chug along… I am looking forward to a 2 day ocean escape with hiking soon, and then later we will flee the heat for a full week to Donner Lake. With that, I will be set to face the desert heat through September 🙂


  4. I’m rather jealous of you all – it’s doing well to reach low 20s (C) in the UK and it seems to chuck it down whenever I put a foot in a stirrup. Perhaps we could send each other some of our weather and get the perfect temp to rain ratio?!


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