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Favorite Detangler For Grey Horse Tails

In short – this stuff works awesome – period.

The best detangler will add shine without attracting arena dust, or other dirt, that gum up on the hair shaft, making it look dirty after just half a ride.  Especially with a grey horse tail.

Another no-go is anything that will have a drying effect in the long run (Hello ShowShine.), making the hairs brittle.  Grey horses already tend to have a different, sort of wiry-brittle tendrils…

I have tried many different detanglers – hands down, I still like Eqyss Survivor the best!

best detangler for tails

Not cheap stuff, but it works!

eqyss survivor reviewValiosa is lucky to get to spend hours several days a week running around with a friend in a very bushy, brushy, and branchy pasture.

She doesn’t have a superthick tail designed to put up with severe pasture abuse.

Add summer-fly swatting and relentless tail-bone rubbing against trees…  Her tail needs some help to stay full, healthy, and showring ready.

Eqyss Survivor, all the way!  I’m done experimenting with any other brands now.

best detangler for grey horse tail



19 thoughts on “Favorite Detangler For Grey Horse Tails

  1. I’m a huge fan of Sante Fe coat conditioner and sunscreen. I like it because it keeps May from fading, but it also does a great job of keeping her tail shiny and soft. Some conditioners seem to attract the hair to clumping together, which always makes a not quite white tail look dingy. The Sante Fe keeps everything nice and fluffy haha.

    I am definitely going to try this stuff too though! I typically love their products.


    • Yes – try it! I’ve tried so many, I’ll be a very hard sell on anything else 🙂 I think you’ll love it!
      And thank you for reminding me of what I think is the ONLY benefit with having a gray…
      No worries about fading 😉

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  2. I’m a diehard Equifuse Gleam user. Smells great, works great, looks great and doesn’t make your hands feel slimy or sticky. I’ll grant you your product’s effectiveness, but after years of using Equifuse on the Haflinger tails and now on the Andalusian, I should buy stock in the company :-). Love it.

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    • That’s great – I’m going to keep it in mind!
      My friend is a big believer in Equifuse. I definitely love the smell of the shampoo. Haven’t had a chance to try the Gleam for the tail though, not all the stores stock it here, and the one that did had it priced high!
      So I did a trial test of another cheap goop, two spray on conditioners, the evil showsheen, good ol Cowboy Magic, and a small tube of what looked almost like slime. In the end, defeated, I went back to Eqyss, I’m in love with it 🙂


      • There are certainly a lot of BAD products out there. If you’ve found one you like that works for your horse’s tail, just stick with it. I just happen to love the Gleam (and the smell). I find it lasts a long time, so the price doesn’t seem too bad. I buy online and throw it in with some other things I’m ordering, so S & H aren’t so bad. Have to keep the horse looking beautiful, of course. A clinic this weekend (Miguel Tavora) and a show the following weekend. Busy, busy, busy.

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        • I’ll be ordering some new haynets soon. Wondering what else I might put in the cart online then 😉

          Oh, jelous of the clinic! It’s on my bucket list, to get out with Valiosa to a clinic. Even if just once or twice. Perhaps next year…
          We’ll be showing on the same weekend!!! (Although I’m yet to get to the fancier 2-3 day shows)
          Tell me you’ll be at Dressage In The Almonds!! How cool would that be!?


          • Sadly, no Dressage in the Almonds for me. Woodside is our last show for a bit…then we will take a break, skip First Level, and train until we are ready to debut at Second Level. At least that’s my current plan, subject to revision. Hope to be ready in the early fall if all goes well. Star has days when that seems very possible other days when I think “what a joke, NO WAY, it will be YEARS…”

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          • First off, I’m convinced you can both do it!! She looks good already in the pictures, and I know you have the right support set up to get there.

            But do tell about the current plan of skipping 1st. Boring for her? Too little going on for her personality? No need to spend there? You have the scores for it already?
            I know riders do it for different reasons all the time. Love to hear why! Always curious.


          • Too boring for ME, yes, I do have my scores (she doesn’t), and showing is expensive and often distracts from the training. It is better to withdraw from it a bit and focus on training, and come back later at a higher level, now that she is settling in at shows. She will probably do better when the tests get more complicated – more to keep her focused and balanced (and entertained, less time to get distracted or worried). All that energy becomes more useful once it is focused in positive directions, as it is beginning to be more and more consistently. One does not skip the principles of a dressage level; one may just choose to skip showing at that level…a money and time/effort saving plan.

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          • Thought so – this is part of the same I’ve had friends go through, and it has worked well for them.
            For me, I especially like the part about not having the distractions of showing. It DOES really change the training, a lot.
            For Valiosa, I know there’s no way we can just skip 1st though. I have to practice being at shows with her throughout the months (years! ? hahah) that we work our way up to approaching 2nd. Not sure I can keep her attention away from home otherwise.
            And then… I do not thing we have any energy and power to let out at 2nd anyway 😉

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          • I get it 🙂 I have had horses that are not so keen on going forward. However, to give you a little hope, a wise horsemaster did tell me once that many horses get a work ethic at about six years of age. So…things could change with Valiosa. Wait and see. And as she gets stronger, things will get easier for her and that will make a big difference, too! Really, it will, I promise you. Keep working on slowly building up the strength and suppleness (yes, that pyramid) and you will have a wonderful horse and will make progress in your training and partnership.

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          • I’m holding on to that piece of advice!! With some luck, we’ll continue working toward our goal of creating a fun, soft, and forward and willing horse by summer next year. Extra cool if she could keep her relaxation as well. I want to believe this is something that can happen to her! So far, young horses that I’ve ridden have been very forward. Keeping fingers crossed that she’s one of those special ones that take a while to mature 🙂
            On that note, our last ride before Sunday’s show was this morning. She anticipated a canter transition, and when I asked,kicked out on the fence (which really hurts) and bucked in anger several times in a row. The biggest bucks to date! Some skill, but a lot of luck I stayed on. Oh my. I’m turning this in to a sign she’ll be great on Sunday! 😉

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          • Well, you know what they say: bad dress rehearsal, great performance! Sounds like she’ll be amazing on Sunday with perfect transitions 😊. Go have yourself some fun and report back with pictures!

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    • Depends, if need to get up to the limit for free shipping etc online with a tackstore, yes, I’ll put it in the cart.
      Otherwise I’ll stock up at the horse expo once per year. They always offer it at a great price there.
      I know Amazon carries it.
      For purchase from the feed store down the street, it’s pretty high priced. But lasts long!

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