Questions Answered

It’s always fun to have readers ask stuff about the blog.

Somehow my dog keeps coming up – yes, I have a Dalmatian!

His name is Dice, he’s 5 1/2 years old.  The best runner ever, but comically a real dud when it comes to lenghty swimming.

And yes, he comes to the barn all day every day, and usually runs or bikes with me before or after too.

dalmatian male
The arena pipe rail supervisor

Actually we have two Dalmatians, although our older female stays home instead of roughing it at the barn all day.

Dice is our 3rd Dal, or 4th really, counting the first foster.  Through so many years of Dalmatian-living, we’ve adapted to their special ways…

So, Dalmatian Diehards, is this good, or should I add quick picture gallery of him too? 🙂

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