Blog Throwback

This week, re-sharing a few of the earlier posts.

Last spring I removed half of the first years’ blog posts from the first 6 months to save space.  Leaving a blog that was mostly a “shell”.  Just product reviews and empty chatter.

Don’t do this to your blog.  Really can’t recommend it.  It leaves no natural flow.  New readers who like to check out your blog from the very start will end up leaving.  Who could blame them? 🙂

I think we’re doing so much better now.  And no need to erase more from the beginning blog days.

A blog Throwback theme wouldn’t be complete without pictures!

A few of my favorite images from the first 6 months.

And, on today’s retro sort of day – here a few of the very earliest blog posts:

Dressage On A Dime A Horse For Elinor

Have a fabulous week!


13 thoughts on “Blog Throwback

    1. Awww! He looks a little more relaxed than me 🙂

      Still waiting to check your clip you emailed me! I don’t have good access here, so have to wait a couple of more days I think. Funny how we get lost without our technology…


        1. The elbows held onto the sides is sooo tricky. A challenge. When I focus on it, I feel like I loose some elasticity, and if I don’t, they gain a life of their own. A work in progress! 🙂


          1. The key is to keep them relaxed and hanging. They just need to hang close to you and rest, instead of inches away. If you try to pull them in then yes, you will feel stiff. You should feel the contact from the horse down the back of your arm, not in the biceps or forearm. Took me ages to get there and I sometimes still lose it, especially in a horse show!!

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  1. I have a few readers who have nearly read every post from the beginning – the good, the bad and everything in between. Most surprisingly, they keep coming back. 🙂

    Those are very nice riding and horse photos. Based on those alone, I’d say you’re much better rider than you give credit for yourself.

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    1. I love to have long time readers too. Makes it feel really cohesive!

      And thank you so much David – very appreciated. I try to stay very humble with my riding skills. There’s always 100 riders 1000 times better… 😉


  2. I love the mounting up photo! That move with your right leg is one that I have not been able to do for well over a decade. I got a new hip but it didn’t come with the rotation for that leg swing. So I have to get on and fold up my leg and put the knee across the lowest part of the saddle and then unfold it down onto the horse’s side. Biasini is very tolerant of this as it takes a few moments to do it. He stands quietly and I give him a sugar cube once we are ready to move off. I have done this with every horse I’ve had since my hip replacement and they have all been very patient. I believe horses know when they need to look after their rider. Once I’m on then it’s game on but they all have waited for me to get on and get settled.


    1. Well, nice mounting style is overrated 😉
      (Preparing myself for eventually having to crawl on…)
      SO much better with a horse that will stand still during ANY sort of crawling – on technique isn’t it?!
      I love any horse that has been taught to wait and care for its rider at the mounting block.
      Biasini, sounds golden. And yes, of course they know, I’ve seen it many times and it’s just as special every time ! 🙂

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