Is That A Lizard In Your Paddock Or Is That Your Horse?

Midday, 98°F, no wind.  Heat reflecting off the barn wall next to her.

She laid like a giant, grey, heat-soaking lizard like this in the baking sun.  Her shadow only a small circle underneath.

Never mind the much softer, shaded areas right there under the trees.

horse baking in the sun

Reptilian joy!  I’m never sure how they can stand it…  If you’ve got one of these lizards in your paddock too, I’m sure this week’s heat wave has been a big hit.

Her vacation lasts just a couple more days.  I’m coming down from high elevation – it’s going to take a couple of days to get used to the oven that is late July.

Can’t wait!  She’s going to be perfect immediately of course.  For at least 3 seconds!

keeping young horse focused away from home


6 thoughts on “Is That A Lizard In Your Paddock Or Is That Your Horse?

    1. I have NO idea. She likes it rough, that is all I know. Rain, she’ll stand outside her shelter. Mud, she’ll sleep in it. Hard ground with rocks, she’ll lay right on them 🙂
      Sort of nice, I never really have to worry about her. Well. I do anyway 😉

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  1. Mine slept in her watery sloppy poo at the horse show over the weekend. No wash stall. Took about a half a package of baby wipes to get her visibly presentable. The olfactory effect was barely mitigated. Fly sheet was a disaster. But hey, we scored in the 60’s for First Level Test 1 & 2!

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    1. Glad I’m not alone to own a semi-pig 🙂 But hey, she’s a chestnut and at least the stains don’t show as much. Sucks with no wash stall, small panic as you walked in to find her I’m sure 😉
      As a grey owner, I travel with some sort of “green out” spray product every time. It comes in SUPER handy for removing any and all stains. Urine or what have you, not just the green.
      Awesome test results though!! You should be very proud of her!

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