Unghäst, Jeune Cheval, Young Horse

You have to ask yourself sometimes.

What drives you to do this…

It’s a  strange infatuation, no?

For all our difficulties, I love this young, strong, and healthy mare.  And the throaty greetings in the paddock.

wiping horse after riding in barn

Riding her Monday morning after 9 days off was absolutely no problem.  She has matured into a super safe horse.  Thought she responded really well to the simple things asked of her today.

Now we just need to keep working on an agreement that she will give a good effort for a few minutes, if followed by a walk break.  She hasn’t signed the contract just yet.

spunging horse with water after working

Reading some study on how there’s now proof that horses actually have an effect on the human heart rate.

Slowing it.  Or synchronizing it.  Releasing effects on a neurological level.

We needed a study to know this?


4 thoughts on “Unghäst, Jeune Cheval, Young Horse

  1. The personalized bridle, very nice. I think mom loves her mare. 🙂

    Hello from Iowa. Hot and sticky was our phrase for the day. Like the new theme layout.


    1. Oh so cool you checked it out!! I think most readers never really see it, just checking in from their phones and I have the mobile phone site activated so it probably takes away most formating.
      OK, so now I’m really motivated to get a new header picture later this fall 🙂
      I personalized the halter myself. Because, well, pony love 😉
      And Iowa! You guys never stay home! 🙂


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