A New Look On The Blog

Hey!  Have you seen it!?

There’s a brand new clean look on the blog home page!

Most of the changes are only visible when visiting the full website page.  Thought it was time to freshen things up a bit!

Quick update on the “About” page.  An easier way to contact.  Larger images.  A sort of annoying menu at the top.  And an area at the bottom featuring some posts from you!

That pretty much sums up the biggest changes.  Next update will be a new header.

Hope you like it and can find your way around!

Dressage On A Dime A Horse For Elinor

New responsibilities pulling on my time, making it just about impossible to be as involved on both my own, and your, blogs.  I’ll still be writing here at least twice/week.  (Probably more, who am I kidding…)

Tomorrow morning – lesson day.  You know we need it!

horse muzzle closeup
Alright go on, give it a kiss. You know you want to!