Monitoring The Degree Of Suckiness

I think there’s some real value in checking in with it now and then:

How badly we suck.  Was it a 10 today (You know, almost bolting out of the showring.)?  Or more of an 8 (General ugly riding.), or a 7, with a few good moments?

Our last ride I thought was around a 4, with Valiosa very compliant and feeling generally happy and forward.  Basic, but I was thrilled!

Worked her on very causally leg yielding at the walk from A to H or from M toward X and then straight.  (Always more difficult leaving the track vs going toward it.)  In trot?  Neh.

too slow leg yield in trot

Forgetting about correcting or “catching” her a lot with the outside rein, just really trying to teach the lateral aid.  She’s wonderful with this because even though it’s not a strength for her (She doesn’t feel naturally laterally gifted at all.), she never gets completely flustered, upset, or stops trying.  I value that in her a lot!

We didn’t get very far with anything new, but in general, we sucked less.  Yay us!

No secret – she’s FUN to hang out with!

having fun with your horse

This weekend – lesson at our barn with Alexis!  I was her working student for a year, it will be great to check back in with her with Valiosa!

Elinor Yee


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