Weighing The Hay

I love knowing just how many Lbs is in every haybag per day.

Our barn owner is fantabulous, because she weighs each hay serving for each horse.

I was half-fantabulous too, for a short while, until my lungs almost shut down and now I’m banned from hay duties.  Anyway, this little hay scale is golden!

Hay scale

Valiosa was getting a bit pudgy with her extra rest.  Knowing it was not because of eating some massive loads of hay, I could quickly adjust her grain.  All that weighing is So worth it!  She’s an easy keeper, so it’s always a bit of a balance job.

Below was last month in July;  learning to jump a low triple bar.  Some more of this, but mostly consistent riding, and she’ll be back down to perfect weight again.

free lunging and buckingI’ve liked her increased energy level though, hope we can keep it!

horse learning to jump triple bar


4 thoughts on “Weighing The Hay

  1. At the barn that I just moved from, we had a great scale, similar to yours. I t had a nice hook at the end so you could hang a bucket. There was a small dial to neutralize the weight of the bucket which made it even easier to use. I’ve only been at the ranch for two weeks, but I already miss the scale. I definitely need to just get one for myself.

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