EQyss Barn Barrier Spray Review

 Quick Tip On An All Natural Fly Repellant.

I got the opportunity to test this all natural fly spray, and have used it in all sorts of conditions for several weeks now.

There’s no oily residue, it smells absolutely fantastic, and it’s citronella free – for horses where that’s important.  I really like that it’s all chemical free, and it will not hurt the tack in any way.

eqyss barn barriew review

We don’t have heavy flies at the farm.  Only 5 horses, mostly living outdoors, very dry conditions and fly predators to keep the population down somewhat.  I also keep my mare on a feed through product for 2 or 2.5 months to help keep fly numbers low even more.

Still, the flies are there, and they’re pesky!  For us, an all natural product like this is not strong enough to do as good as the “oil based” ones like Pyranha etc.  And for those biting, tiny gnats that live where there’s grass and like to eat inside the ears, it does nothing.

eqyss fly spray review

Instead, I mostly use this spray during grooming time in the cross ties, and before a ride in the covered arena, where flies are always really light.

Great for use on a grey horse – no ugly sticky buildup at all!  If you have to go all natural, this is a good choice.  Just be ready to reapply often.

eqyss natural fly spray


5 thoughts on “EQyss Barn Barrier Spray Review

  1. I’m waiting for someone to make a fly spray that kills/repels the bombers. They land right on my horse’s rump, right where I have just doused her with oil-based spray because I (and they) know she can’t reach them there. Fortunately for me they are so intent on getting their blood meal that they sit there so I can whack them into oblivion. Not such good circumstances for the poor horse when she’s minus her ever-protective rider.


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