Because. 5 Year Old

Not going to be an opportunity to take this young mare to a multiple day show.

Later, but for now not sure when we can pull it off.  Next best thing – get her out even more to some different environments.  I’ve been so lucky to have several chances to do this in a short period!

Just short rides in a few different arenas.  Because…  5-year-old.

grey horse in cross ties
Valiosa ready to work at Rosebud, together with two other horses in the arena. She did great!

Few days later, trailered to LBH’s arena.  I’ve taken her there many times and knew she’d do well.  Pretty easy-going, happy to be out seeing different things.  All good signs for the next show!

horse tied to trailer
Not rattled at all about another trip

Still, she’s not the same horse as at home – I’d love to get to where we can have supple and relaxed rides in front of the judges and show what she can really do.  And other horses are still distracting.

wet horse at trailer
Shower-Wet. Because ladies don’t sweat.

This week, a really fun trip up to Camelot with friends – we brought four horses.   Just for a day of riding in the dressage courts and on the giant Cross Country course.

camelot equestrian pens
Camelot’s AWESOME shaded pens.

Largest equestrian facility in the state at 1,600 acres. Great training for her!  She cantered some hills, willingly left her friends, went through a water obstacle and performed like she’s done it all before.  Just at snail pace, because that’s her pace.

Friday we’ll trailer out with a friend for a trail ride.  Great times, does absolutely nothing for dressage, but really fun!


10 thoughts on “Because. 5 Year Old

    1. Definitely fun getting her out! Time consuming, yes, but worth it. I only wish we had much more opportunity for riding out of the arena; trails, paths, forest, anything. But we can’t have everything 😉

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  1. This is all excellent for mind and body and yes, it WILL make a difference at the shows. It’s all experience and it’s teaching her to look to you as her leader in all situations. Even freaky show situations. Go out there and have some fun!

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          1. Game on. Let’s do it some day! The two beautiful mares, light and dark…I see it. We would have so much fun! A freestyle is my next goal, once I get my qualifying score (and once we get new footing in the dressage court – they are finally working on it, hooray!). With an actual court in place, I MIGHT be able to work on a freestyle. So excited about this…I really want to learn how to ride (and maybe design) freestyles.

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          2. New footing, awesome!!
            I love watching freestyles, they’re quite difficult to put together. I’m not quite sure how to make the music fit on my own.
            Once you’re ready and getting started on it I’d love to read a post!!

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  2. A couple of things you may want to consider, but I think you have thought about, or done, this already.

    First, maybe take in (watch/attend) a multi-day show. It doesn’t have to be dressage, it could be hunter/jumpers. Choose a couple of horses to follow at a show, and if you have a chance, chat with the riders of the horses you are following. Ask the usual questions about preparation and competition. My daughters did it a few times when they stepped up from 1-day, 2-day appearances at a show to a full show. The experience, as you know, is quite different when you do a full show. Most hunters are nice enough. 🙂 With hunters, there are many shows, “AA” and “A” rated, and some in NorCal (Petaluma/Sonoma Horse Park).

    Second, step out from thinking about dressage. It works for my daughters in terms of they’re not always thinking hunter/jumper while on horseback. Enjoy the time being on saddle. If you do some cross-training, like Miss Valiosa jumping low fences, or my daughters doing some cross-country, do a little bit to give them (horses and riders) a change of pace and have some fun.

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    1. I’ve been to many 2 day shows, a few three day, but never brought one of my own horses. I think you’re right, chatting it up with the Hunters might be more successful than the dressagers 😉
      Not always a lot of “chatting ” going on there. Perhaps “catting” 🙂

      As for crosstraining, we’ve suddenly had a lot of chances for it. Normally I can’t get out of the property but we’ve headed out, with friends help, and just “enjoyed” riding. Out of the arena.

      Last night I messed up a chance to get out again to a cross country course by getting sick 😦 Hoping I can at least muster to ride tomorrow
      And not whining! 🙂


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