Free Entertainment – This Sunday

We’re heading to a horse show this weekend!

Braving it again in the ring, this time at Camelot in Butte Valley.  (Butte, not butt, just had to point that out.)  Come on over on Sunday – the entertainment is on me!

Prepping miss Grey Mare before is hopeless.  Only works the morning of.  Since she sleeps in her piles.  It’s a talent.

grooming before a show

kids jumping in front of horses
He can jump all he wants – she doesn’t care

My super long legged littlest guy on Valiosa.

child on horse in shorts

It’s like a “Find 10 Things Wrong” picture.  I can find 8.  Rulebreakers!

Have a wonderful weekend!  We’re going to have some fun!

crape myrtle blooming in september

11 thoughts on “Free Entertainment – This Sunday

  1. Good luck at the show and I look forward to reading the report! I expect things will go well and you will have fun stories to relate of a grown up girl doing so much better :-). Beautiful pictures, for sure, of a clean grey mare. Relax and enjoy the ride. As Miguel Tavora says, “Consider every show a schooling show (unless it’s the Olympics).” They are all opportunities to give you and your horse a chance to learn and grow.

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    1. Ohh! All the fun I get to look forward on delivering!
      Well, only fingers crossed for a truly improved mare, and I probably won’t have any nice pictures of it all. 😦
      My morning call goes off at 2.45 am… strangely hubby has not offered to come out. Peculiar? …
      But it WILL BE a really fun day, there’s 3 of us this time and we really deserve a nice day out together in clean clothes and with non bolting horses 🙂
      Report coming up!!!


      1. 2:45 a.m.??? That’s the worst one I’ve ever heard of. 4 a.m. is my personal record for early horse show rising. UGGGGGG. So surprised your hubby does not want to join you. Huh. Well, looking forward to an interesting and wonderful report! Have fun with your mare and your friends!

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        1. The joy of Grey Horse Ownership.

          Thought of you this morning – how on earth can I make an interesting and wonderful report… At the same time. And. Well, after today’s show – I think I can! Very happy 🙂 Laters, before I nod off! 🙂

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  2. I had a fleabitten grey. Well he was white actually, white body, white legs and a magnificent white tail. I knew the show routine: hours in the wash stall and using all the purple products! Have a good time at your show.I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes.

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    1. 🙂 So right!
      I do know that it really helps having a grey live outside. Sounds contradictory, but there are only minimal yellow and orange stains. Seriously! But. Yah. Purple shampoo all the way any way 🙂
      Thank you so much for cheering on!!

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  3. Miss Valiosa smiles well.

    Ride your event like an easy practice session. Keep your cues and aids smooth. Reins, easy touch. When you’re done, love that horse. A nice score, good comments, a placement ribbon are great to have. The better award/reward is having fun.

    Ride well,

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    1. Absolutely the truth! I will cherish how far we’ve come, and will not get frustrated with her on this day.
      Only positive.
      Sort of a private after party with some alfalfa stashed in the haybag and her very own spacious shaded pen to stretch out in and roll in afterward. Posh, even if she gets no ribbons!
      Love having your support. Thank you! !

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