Best Way To Improve Your Dressage Show Score

Head out to another show, and try it again, of course!

Valiosa did the impossible.  From taking the Show’s Low Point (yes, not kidding, a 48% something with a bolt) at the last show to winning both classes in this next one.  And yes, taking the high point of the show.

OK small show.  Details.

Showing in September is a Sweatfest, but Camelot is simply an awesome show venue!  With shade.  And prices to bring home which was so nice.

Camelot dressage show prices

Score for Training Level Test 2:  69.62

One of the trot diagonals got a 9′ which felt so rewarding.  Stretchy circle got a 5′, because that’s still how we roll at shows in the first test.

Score for Training Level Test 3:  69.78

With a 9′ on the last halt!  Couple of 8’s on the left canter transition and volte – a small wonder as it has been a huge sticking point for Valiosa and I.  (Still is.)

Take home message from this show:  focus on improving her canter.  A lot.  Before ever thinking about 1st level.  The judge didn’t write this in the Further Remarks box, but individual score comments returned to getting more jump and ground cover in the canter, so, there you go.

We took three horses this time, things got busy.  My awesome horse-who-is-fantastic-and-does-not-spook-and-did-great-at-the-show got pulled for a drug test, and I was a test reader for my friend.  So, again no pictures.

dressage show at camelot equestrian park

Just this one of all of us, which sums up the day 🙂


14 thoughts on “Best Way To Improve Your Dressage Show Score

  1. Wow and fantastic!!! Kudos to you for going out there again after a discouraging last show and kicking some serious butt! Big improvement, much better focus for Valiosa, and she could show her quality and be rewarded at last. Yahoo and congratulations!

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    1. Super happy! Feels great, you know, when you know she can do it at home, and then finally getting “approval” from the judge, that yes, the training is going correctly. Very nice! So glad to get cheering from the side here on the blog – it’s like having more barn friends!!!

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  2. Congratulations on the blue ribbons!

    Small show, big show – doesn’t matter a whole bunch. The key is gaining experience and building off the success of this show. Our instructors made sure we built off our success. It means working your tail off in the next set of training sessions in advance of the next show. The training sessions, keep them easy and smooth. If something doesn’t come, back off from it and save it for the next day. It is all about consistency in your riding. The more consistency you have, it will build and better your confidence and skill set.

    Continued good riding. Gotta study now.

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    1. Thank you so much!
      I love all the input! Definitely something to take to heart. I plan to show in October again already, and while it’s too early to move up a level, probably, it’s still my goal to keep improving.
      Especially in the canter 😉 Later, when we’re ready, I’ll start some canter poles. Definitely not speciality, but I have a feeling it will help sort out her strange stride 🙂


    1. We’ve worked so hard! And then last show she took such a major step backward, I was wondering what on earth was going wrong.
      This, is training with a young horse. Ups and downs.
      And I’m sure we’ll have tons more downs…
      Won’t be long and you and Izzy will be pulling in some really nice show results too!
      I’ve decided to just completely ignore the bad rides haha!


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