Today’s PRE Peep 3


black andalusian stallion
Jaleo just went through the Revision and is now an approved PRE stallion too. Not yet standing as he is only 3.ย  And still a bitย distracted with the ladies in the cross ties…

Warming up with Botijo

french braid on grey andalusian

grey andalusian stallion with french braid
Checking out the new mare


17 thoughts on “Today’s PRE Peep 3

      1. Mine too. Her mane splits down the middle like a fat shaggy pony’s. Enough mane for 2 horses. Braids stay in for walk-trot, but start to loosen up at canter. Still wondering how the Andalusian mane got stuck on the Hanoverian mare…

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          1. If I wanted to spend a week doing it, I could pull it. Did the double dragon, which is two french braids sewn together along the crest. She thought it was too tight, and it sagged a bit after a while even though it would never actually come apart. Finally settled on the long diamond-plaited style.

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          2. I hear you – I wouldn’t want to try to pull all that, ugh! Talk about little bloodied fingers. (And angry mare!)
            The double french braids can work – trick being that they can’t be allowed to put their head down low, which doesn’t work for me so forget that. Kudos for you for sticking it out with this mane and making it work! I would have maybe thought about hogging it, but then, it’s not a look for every horse! And then there’s a bunch of upkeep with that too…


    1. No kidding. All the stallions but Jaleo are imported from Spain. You’ll meet them later. Botijo is a bit small and round perhaps. Not sure why they went with that.

      Jaleo, bred on the farm, fits his name just right – he makes plenty of racket!

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