Got Barn Art?

Show me!

If you’ve got something interesting at the barn, something you’ve rigged up yourself, or maybe just something truly unique – I want to see it!  Small, handmade, half-broken, just a link to something found online that you like; doesn’t matter.

I always keep an eye out an any barn I ever visit.  There’s usually something special, sometimes in the most unexpected places.

To set the bar really low, I walked down to the barn I’m at and snapped some quick shots.  On a Red Theme.

stall art

rusty barn art a horse for elinor

barn sign

old barn sign

Comment with a link or make your own post – It’s all up to you what you call art!

bridles on wall

7 thoughts on “Got Barn Art?

  1. I love barn art! I’ll have to go out and take some shots today ☺ my daughter has that exact raised in a barn sign hanging in her room. She got it when we were literally living in the barn of the large commercial stable we managed before starting our own place. She always likes to remember how she was “raised in a barn”…

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