Two Awesomest Little Trail Horses

Somewhere in the middle, it was just too much for Valiosa.

Like a suburb-mom OD’d on pompoms and paisley – she was done with it all.  Bolted down the hill almost killing us both among the rocks.

That was about as exciting as it got on our last trail ride with our friends Vivian and Orion.  The rest, a piece of cake, and she even went into a shallow part of Folsom lake without having a fit.

sterling point trail ride

Last week we trailered to PEC just to school, so that Orion, who is also only 5 could get a chance to see it before next month’s show.  No exciting fun pictures from that trip.  Really, how many shots of a horse tied to a trailer can you stand?

schooling rides with young horse
Valiosa, before schooling in Wilton

This trail ride was SO much better!  Thank you Vivian for a great day!!

trail riding at Folsom Lake

Sterling Point Staging area at Folsom Lake is great!

5 year old horses on trail
Awesome Orion. Because Mustang-Power!

14 thoughts on “Two Awesomest Little Trail Horses

    1. Yes, it was great to get out there. Some steep hills though, which we never do. Poor Valiosa petered out at the end… 🙂
      Surprisingly, since she’s in really god shape and it was just a little more than 1 hr.


      1. Hills are quite different from working on the flat. Really good for her, but not surprising that she found them tiring. Expect some sore muscles in the next few days, and adjust your work accordingly. Keep working, but do plenty of warm up and stretchy work, with lots of walk work.


        1. Thank you Edie! I am on my way out there right now and hoping she will seem pretty fresh. Thinking about lunging first to see how soft she looks. Easy workout today for sure 🙂 and Oh my he is going to have to have a partial clip. We are supposed to be at 95 degrees again next week 😦 she is sweating more than in July…

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          1. She’ll be cooler and it will take less time for you to clean her up after rides. It’s worth the horse hair everywhere. Sadly, we’ll have to do it again in about 4-6 weeks. They grow very fast at this time of year.

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          2. OH NO!!! I thought I did not cut close enough (didn’t look like it), but it seems to be doing the job, sort of. Another heat wave this weekend. Yuck. I just ordered new clippers because my huge, ancient (35 years old) ones are giving me carpal tunnel syndrome. Yes, I deserve lighter, quieter ones: Lister Star. Hope they are all the reviews claim. It’s still a horrible job even with the right clippers. Here’s to cooler fall weather and maybe even some rain showers to lay the dust???

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          3. I just think I didn’t do a large enough area. Next clip, perhaps a full trace, we’ll see.
            So great to be getting new clippers!!Makes so much of a difference – I’m really liking the light ones. My Andis ACGs are still like new.


    1. Glad you enjoyed it! It IS beautiful, sometimes in its own, open and in places barren, way. Absolutely incredible to be out there, in super busy Northern California, and have the entire place to our selves. Amazing 🙂

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