THIS Hoof Pick

All you other little hoof picks should just go home.

As if they would listen…

the jackhammer jr ultimate hoofpick review

Best Dressage On A Dime Hoof Pick Tip:  The Ultimate Hoofpick!

Yes, it costs more than that little plasticky thing with a silly brush on the end, that either bends during winter or the brush wears out in less than a year.  And yes, it also costs more than that fingernumbing slim metal hoof pick that still isn’t sharp enough for deep, packed, mud in the hooves.

But you only need to buy one, once, and it’ll pick hooves easier and quicker than anything before, forever.

I never really cared too much about hoof picks.  (You know, really, how exciting can they be?…)  Until there were 24 hooves or so to pick in a row.  And it was cold. And every hoof was shod.  And it took forever to get it all out with that other little stubby joke of a hoof pick…

jackhammer hoof pick review

Best little hoof pick ever.  It’s all true – it doesn’t bend, doesn’t break, and best of all, does not have to be replaced.

My original one has now been joined by the Junior version.  Comes in blue or pink, same design, but smaller fit, for us with smaller hands.

Find it here:

6 thoughts on “THIS Hoof Pick

    1. I think so. Never before did I think these things really made much of a difference. I even owned one for almost a year, without using it (because whatever I had seemed to be working “alright”.). Once I pulled it out and picked a huge, mudfilled, super difficult hoof in less than half the time – I was sold! 🙂

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  1. I’m with patrickandoats, I can not conceive of using a hoof pick without a brush on the end of it. You can only scrape so much mud out of a hoof with just the pick end and need the brush to get the rest out so you can see what the sole of the hoof actually looks like (looking for bruises, things stuck in it, etc). Also use it to quickly remove dirt stuck on the outside of the hoof too, like the arena dirt that accumulates on the toes. Which dirt I like to remove before I apply hoof conditioner. I guess the difference here might be that my horse spends 23 hours of her day either on grass or in plain old dirt. There’s seldom any bedding mixed with poo and pee that needs to be scraped out of a hard-packed foot. Thankfully,…

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    1. Used to be my thoughts exactly 🙂 Until thoroughly sold on one! I scrape on the frog with it, but it really does a great job on getting the soles clear.
      But yeah, dandy brush on the walls before conditioning…


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