Complaint Diagram Just For You

How about a handy Complaint Diagram Chart?!

Spelling errors and all.  Because it’s late.

The spam here over the last few days became so inventive.  Could easily think it was for real.

Now, comment field tightened down, everything groomed, plaited, and hosed off clean.  Haters moving on to something more hate-worthy.  Like, oh I don’t know, how about Tennessee Walker Horse Soaring or Racing 2-year Olds until they break at age 4 and get resold as Eventing Projects?

Going forward, spammers are required to use this super practical diagram, below.  Just circle your issue-of-the-day with the post that offended you, and turn it in to my people.  It will be taken care of.  Enjoy!

how to handle trolls on your blog

SPAM free is the way to be! No SPAM in my jam! (OK at least it rhymes and we needed some cheering up here.) Cheers!

Next time – new pictures of Grey Mare!

15 thoughts on “Complaint Diagram Just For You

    1. 🙂 I hope everyone missed the soap opera! Glad I check my blog everyday (or at least almost.) So now we have to be boring and have the “approve comment” prescreening going. Oh well – no harm done.


  1. Oh dear, how horrid. Kind of takes the joy out of the blog to have to do that kind of icky housekeeping. I like your diagram, by the way. It works for me! Hope that the trolls leave you alone after this and that it is all bunnies, daffodils, and rainbows from here on out. More pictures of our favorite grey mare, please!

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    1. Yey! More pictures coming up!

      I’ll still be blogging as usual. Not sure if it correlates, but I have once again removed ALL WordAds. It just seems as if things sort of switched when I became elgible and approved them, so I’ve gone back to no ads. Can’t see why, but, well, maybe it helps.
      Which I think everyone will like anyway. (whoever said “YES, I’d like more ads on the web.”)
      So, yey 🙂
      As for trolls, they’re always going to be around. Just not here!

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  2. People trolling are just sad to me, who has time to troll?!?! Not happy people that’s for sure. Try not to let it get you down, and comment approval isn’t so bad…it just means you always get to be the first to read what people say 😉

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    1. Agreed, I barely have time to blog, or even read other blogs! 🙂

      And of course you’re right, it was just so much fun to have “instant commenting “. Although, by magic I got to you really soon 🙂
      Thanks for coming in!


  3. I must have missed something … I know trolling is a thing, but I can’t even begin to imagine what anyone could find to criticize in your riding or writing. You are the first one to point out your own (perceived) errors. What could a troller possibly have had to add?

    I LOVE your writing voice. You’re funny, sometimes flippant, occasionally sassy, but always very heart felt. I hope that this doesn’t discourage you. There are far more people who enjoy what you write than there are idiots. Keep riding and writing. :0)


    1. Oh thank you Karen! That is just the sweetest – and much appreciated!
      I know you’ve been at it for a long time, and imagine there may have been some growing pains along the way…
      And nope, not discouraged at all with all this. Seriously, if we listen to half of what the peanutgallery mumbles about, we’d never get anywhere 🙂
      More sassiness to come today 🙂

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