The Road To Your PRE Peep Barn – Peep #5

Driving out there.  Very clear it’s not the suburb any more.

The street names are a dead giveaway.

Dragon Point road, Falcon Haven road, just to start.  They come after a quick stint on the highway and out on the super winding road to, nowhere.

stone barn in Amador county

Then, too many wineries to remember;

Bray, Villa Toscano, Turley, Jeff Runquist, Scott Harvey, Andis, Vino Noceto, Amador Cellars, Borjon, Heiwig, Potter, Sobon Estate and others.  Several more just one side-road away.

And then, Horseshoe Lane, Windhorse Way.

And Squirrel Hollow, Rabbit Ridge – who comes up with this stuff?

Foothills vineyards in Amador county

This week’s PRE peep;


french braid on chestnut andalusian stallion
Gumer, I 1 Level stallion, soon ready for his Grand Prix Debut. (He’s awesome!)
chestnut andalusian stallion
He’s feeling violated by my braid job. Apparently it’s on the wrong side.

6 thoughts on “The Road To Your PRE Peep Barn – Peep #5

  1. At least it’s a nice country drive. If it was here I’d be making comments on ‘white out’ danger areas in the winter but you arein sunshine land! Never mind wrong side braid he’s lovely! Gorgeous color and flaxen mane.

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    1. White out danger – Like snow blocking the roads? Neh. A mudslide, or (this does happen) flood rain to where the roads become deep dangerous traps – as exciting as it’s going to be here.
      Thank you for standing up for my braiding challenges! 🙂


    1. I DO love this barn – always something beautiful to take notice of each time, even if for a split second.
      And I love it that you like my little mobile phone shots! I have to be quick, in between readying the 9 or so horses in work.

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  2. Oh my God. Thank you. EXACTLY how I feel as this moment. Frustrated, disappointed, and just plain old tired. How long does this take anyway? how they can be amazing and awesome and wow one day/week and then awful, horrible, and 6 months back the next day/week? My 12 year old Speedy is my life saver. :0)

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    1. I think this is a huge reason why so many riders simply give up on dressage in the end. It is incredibly difficult, sometimes frustrating, and often humbling when the riding goes BACKWARD for long periods of time. I can see why in the end someone just gives up on it all and moves onto something where you simply don’t suck everyday for 15 years 🙂 (Me)
      Pretty sure both you and I are not ready just yet though 😉 Too much hope still, and when things click, it is SO worth it.

      And really, I have no idea how long it takes, ugh. 🙂


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