You’re Just Jealous Because –

–  You don’t get to wear a neck-diaper in your sport…

simple stocktie for dressage

Yeah.  So there.

Got an even bigger, diaper, to don next time..  With bling on it.  It’ll come out in the next rated show.  Just in case this isn’t poufy enough.

Yesterday’s show at Camelot was the most stress free and enjoyable event with Valiosa to date.  We took three horses and everyone did great!

camelot dressage show
Positively grin-silly right as the whistle blows. How awesome to get to do this and feel like a kid in a candy store again!

Valiosa got 67.5 at Training Level Test 2.  Would have been 69 and change but breaking to canter at the end of a trot diagonal got the original 7.5 marked out and brought down to a 4.  So you know, don’t ride like that 🙂

At Training Level Test 3 she pulled off a 65.5, even with a naughty disobedience at the first canter with a buck and a wrong lead.  Payback for a completely unsophisticated canter aid (she felt done-for-the day to me, thought she’d offer a late transition.).  So, trust your mare and don’t monkey around.

ugly canter at dressage show
Sporting a bit of a Cranky-Arabian Look here.

Very happy with Miss Grey Mare.  The halts on centerline are really coming along, got an 8 on two of them – again, it’s the canter work that needs…. work.

Further Remarks from the judge at the last test:  Very nice pair!  Great potential for moving up soon!

Glad she has faith in us and proud of getting this young horse here.  I know better though.  To play at first level, riders have to add a few more tokens.

schooling show riders
Nancy and I, the very last riders of the day. Vivian, you’re awesome for getting some pictures for us!

22 thoughts on “You’re Just Jealous Because –

  1. So, there! 🙂

    Didn’t Deborah say you are doing well? And, the judge’s additional comments recognize both of you are riding well with the potential of moving up soon. Glad the tiny nick didn’t keep you away.

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    1. She sure did 🙂
      Smart daughter!
      I was happier with these two results too, than last time, even with a lower score.
      And the nick, better now, but it was a huge concern at first because it could have been a deep puncture straight into the fetlock joint.
      Drives us all nuts this stuff, I know 😉


      1. A fine finish. Now is time to build on your success and work on your canter. And, since you’re getting good, you may want to go to those smart-looking, solid color ascots with a nice stick-pin (diamond is nice but can substitute with CZ).



  2. Good work! I’ve been through all the boo-boos you committed in this show and can tell you that yes, they will go away with a little more time and work. But you are WRONG WRONG WRONG about why I am jealous! I’m jealous because you are Swedish and I’m not and that means you are tall, thin and blonde while I am short, somewhat chunky and gray dyed red. Oh yeah, you also have a dynamite smile! 🙂 Oh, and congrats on those halts!!

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    1. Alli, always cracking me up! Thank you for all! Be grateful you don’t have an accent, and soon I may just have to dye my hair too 🙂

      This is why I LOVE having the blog – it’s awesome to get to share it with all my peeps!


      1. Ha ha I DO have an accent–it’s called “American”! Fortunately after many years of practice I have managed to banish it when speaking Spanish. Spanish speakers sometimes ask me if I’m from Argentina. But I’ve never been there. Go figure…

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        1. Maybe in a past life! 😉
          Perhaps time for a visit… I spent some time in Chile, and it was beautiful…!
          I’d say my accent is fairly messed up by now. 1 year in Texas, 5 in Hawaii, and now California, – whatever it is by this time, it’s not going to change 🙂


  3. Brava, you two!!! And I agree with the judge: time to start thinking about First Level very soon. Seriously. Next year is a few months away, and by then, you can be ready. Polish up those leg yields and a little medium trot and canter, and away you go…She has the idea of showing now, so go show what you can do with this lovely grey mare!

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    1. Here’s where I could have an award winning looong comment. We should go for coffee!
      The step to 2nd is ginormous, but 1st can feel cavernous too. I don’t want to piddle around in it, not belonging (I’ve seen a lot of that scribing for high level judges with riders absolutely hammered in comments ).
      And then I don’t want to hold back too long, creating Training Level forever mentality in my horse and a bad attitude when asked any more…
      If the opportunity comes, I think I’ll take your advice and at least give it a shot!

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    1. Thank you Teresa! It has been really fun, but hard work, to get to this point with the young mare.
      I’d say, even if we had 40 years, we’d never get to the Olympics. But how awesome it is to keep getting better each time out! 🙂


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