black andalusian dressage mare
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Today’s PRE Peep 6 – Cariñosa


black andalusian dressage mare

Cariñosa, a wonderful mare shown through 4th level, excited to come in and get to work.

black PRE mare

Perhaps less excited when she realized her rider that morning, would be me…


15 thoughts on “Today’s PRE Peep 6 – Cariñosa

  1. She’s lovely. And I’m sure did not mind giving you a few pointers :-). You must be learning so much from riding these advanced horses. Well done, you! This is invaluable experience.

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        • Hoping to transfer some MOJO over to my calfs!

          Then again, careful what I wish for – I’m on day two of being sick, who knows what spunkiness might show up by the time I’m recovered and back in the saddle…


          • Oh dear, I can’t “like” that comment! Get better soon, and meanwhile I’m sure Ms. Valiosa is enjoying a little time to relax, and hopefully contemplate how delightfully forward and in self-carriage she will be for you from now on as you set your sights on First Level.

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          • 🙂 Edie, yeah, she better be contemplating haha! She’s getting turnout time, and rest, while I’m rotting on the couch feeling limp. (Wishing you’re right and we’ll have a LOVELY ride when back out)
            I’m starting to suspect Salmonella. Ugh 😦


          • Sounds like a trip to the vet (er, Doctor) is in order for you. You cannot beat an infection like that on your own. So sorry you are so sick! Get some drugs and get better. And rest yourself. Valiosa will be fine and will pick right up where she left off. As for you…it may take you a few days before you stop feeling like a wrung out towel. So sorry.

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