Breech Poll

Today, something entirely different.

Click a quick vote for your best breeches!

Consider durability, best material, and overall quality.  Ignore the ones you’ve thought have the best fit, or style, since that’s so different for everyone.

Which brand has been the best for you?  Have a true workhorse breech that won’t pill, snag, stain, rip, or sag?  Add it at the bottom of the Poll alternatives!

I’m stuck on the couch, starting to suspect Salmonella.  A limp houseplant, definitely not seeing any horses, and yes, possibly shopping too.  Help make a decision!

Poll results available here starting Monday afternoon but the poll is open for a full week after posting.

4 thoughts on “Breech Poll

  1. Can’t enter a meaningful vote because the company that made the bestest, longest wearing breeches in the world realized they made a big mistake and discontinued them (probably because they lasted so long that they never needed to be replaced). They were made from bamboo along with some stretchy stuff of course. The first thing to go on all my breeches is always the crotch. I’ve been wearing these for over two years now and they still look stinkin’ brand new!!

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    1. Isn’t that just the worst!? Whenever we find something we really like, then it’s not available anymore… I hope you can find something equivalent. Or, that these bamboo ones last for a very long time 🙂


    1. No kidding – I bet you sometimes wish they would have gotten into something, well, cheaper 🙂 Like rabbit showing, or I don’t know, turtle racing…
      Then again, who could live without the horse smell 🙂


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