Today’s PRE Peep 8 – Castiza, Zingara, Hermosa

Wow, 8 weeks of PRE Peeps!

It’s been fun sharing quick shots of them, and I can tell you’ve liked it too.  Next week should be the last post on this.  (Unless someone throws a little withdrawal fit about it.)

Today, a look at some special ladies.

Castiza, shown through Intermediare 1, currently on a little break from the showring.  An incredibly substantial and tall PRE mare, she rules the large pasture.

CastizaI don’t have any flattering new pictures of her – this one below will have to do, from some time back when we both had ended up at a lunging clinic.

Elinor Yee

Hermosa, Young 1st Level Mare.
One of the few available for sale now.

black andalusian mare
Sweet Zingara, now retired broodmare, living the happy life in the large pasture.

black retired andalusian broodmare

Taking pictures out there is, complicated…

andalusian mares in pasture
Just give one of us a cookie or something and get on with it.

16 thoughts on “Today’s PRE Peep 8 – Castiza, Zingara, Hermosa

    1. OK that’s two of you then – maybe I’ll move to a monthly post of some kind 🙂
      I really have no business being out there snapping pictures – interrupting their grazing time and all 😉


    1. 😉 I’ll have to do my best to take the time every once in a while and take a quick shot then 🙂 Thinking I should be extra fun and annoying and steal one when Alexis is riding them – they really do look so much better when actually working.
      You and me both with the second clip! I did a new, much larger trace a couple of days ago. It’s atrocious 🙂
      Yes! Post a picture!!!!

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      1. I will get some pictures. The track lines are awful. Clippers kept overheating and so I had to go super fast and not be at all careful. Give it a week or two and it won’t look so bad. It is, however, very functional! At my snooty hunter barn, the grooms (and riders) all look a bit horrified. Their horses are all immaculately body clipped and blanketed all the time. Star lives in a paddock with no blanket until it gets really cold/wet; so she needs the trace clip. I’m all about being functional 🙂

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        1. Haha, I can’t help but crack up at this. Well, they’re already horrified that we ride without hairnets… (Or maybe that has finally ended in Hunterland, I don’t know…)
          I make a point of clipping once side, changing blade for the head, and then changing back to the body clipping blade (now completely cooled) for the other side. It helps, with lots of cooling spray of course. Eh, well, still not really a good job…
          If the actual clippers overheat, yeah, then there’s not much else to do than go really fast 🙂
          I’m sure she looks adorable!!

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    1. Glad you’re enjoying them!! Castiza has a very large personality, a diva really. Hermosa has the most beautiful face. They are all so very different which makes it so much more fun!


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