french braiding short mane
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Fall Shopping & French Braids

As soon as the boots start sinking down deep in the mud with that first step into the paddock or pasture…

Fall horse-stuff shopping!  Makes it all worth it right?!

Trending now, or at least in the latest Dover Saddlery winter catalog – Grey horses!

quick grid of dover saddlery

See, my collage says it all! But where’s the mud?

Valiosa at home, keeping it real.

french braid on short maneHer mane grows faster than I can keep up with now that we’re not showing.  Sporting a French Braid here, but it’s not long enough to stay in for riding.  Keeping it, for Good Luck, until the new year.  She’s been feeling much happier in her work lately.  Must be the mane.

french braiding short mane


23 thoughts on “Fall Shopping & French Braids

  1. I love the french braid look. In the winter I practice it. On cold nights when we can’t work it’s fun to play with hair. I like how tight you have yours- I’m not that talented!

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    • I’m not all that talented either. Just playing with it. And only on horse that will stand still 🙂
      You can try braiding the pieces “under” instead of laying each of the three “on top” of each other.


  2. Star has taken to luxuriating in her own mud and manure mixture lately…so disgusting to clean, and I am often thankful she is not grey because the stains would be awful, but it’s still smelly and dusty (or some times still wet, ugg!). Oh, fall and winter…not cold enough to blanket to keep her clean (although God help the blanket, it’s going to get gross fast), but with the rain, just muddy enough to produce a delightful bit of mud for rolling. Rainy days are particularly fun for shopping and dreaming of next year’s possible learnings and triumphs!

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    • Those manure piles are just like little pillows. So comfy. No matter what new thing I try, Valiosa often chooses to lay down in the area of the paddock where she puts most piles. Sigh.
      For a while I had that large straw bed out there. She would pee on it, and the sleep right NEXT to it 🙂
      She wears a sheet from day one of fall. I have 8 different blankets by now. Somehow that sounds so excessive. But it isn’t haha!

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      • Laughing! Your mare has a blanket wardrobe, like so many beloved horses I know. I haven’t had Star quite long enough to collect 8 blankets yet – she currently owns three fly sheets (because they rip, get filthy, and are always either being washed or repaired), one warm blanket for winter, and two rain sheets. So…actually, now that I count, we’re getting there quite quickly! In less than a year, already up to six blankets, wow, how did that happen?

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        • You’re getting there!

          -“But Wait, Wait! I can explain!” (Desperate Blanket Addict Excuse)
          1. Medium/Heavy Blanket, from other giant horse. Too big. Used for the 4 weekends/year we have frost.
          2. Medium Blanket. Too small. Bought when she was a just a spider, at age 3. Still in circulation.
          3. Medium Blanket that fits.
          4. Wtrprf. Sheet on it’s 3rd season. Killing it off slowly. No fleece at withers so rubs the mane 😦
          5. Wtrprf. New sheet that fits.
          6. Wtrprf. Older Sheet that can fit a hippo. Used for “keeping grey horse clean before event.” She’d rather die than be seen in it.
          7. Cooler, for drying after 5 am icy baths. Because gray.
          8. Super nice gifted fleece cooler with gold cord for shows. Never used. Because fleece.
          So. There it is. It all makes sense now! Ah, feels so much better when it’s all justified 😉

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          • O.k., my justification: three fly sheets for filthy mare. Two that actually work (one to be in the wash), one that I bought on sale but she doesn’t like it, doesn’t fit well, so it’s the extra just in case one. Two turnout sheets for rainy season. One medium turnout for when I clip her. That’s it for the moment…more blankets to come, undoubtedly.

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          • Uhm, yeah, and you’ll have to put in any coolers or show sheets in this Official Confession. Full disclosure 😉

            On another note. I’m working on getting Sheryl out after Thanksgiving! Sounds like she can make it work – I’m excited because I know she’d be the best to do any fine tuning on my Deluxe. Maybe she’ll tell me to stick with a 4′ tree and go pick up your older Angel!

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          • Sheryl will help you out 🙂 Would love to sell you (or anyone) my lovely barely used 2015 Angel. It drives me nuts that no one is buying it! I wish it fit Star but it just does not. She has huge shoulders – heck, she’s just huge everywhere (or so it seems). Lemke saddles are the most comfy ever, that’s for sure. My Schleese is fairly good but not as cushy as the Lemke.

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          • Ok, well, I’ll stay tuned to see what she thinks of our current setup. I’d love the angel, I know it!

            As of today, I’m out of commission for a while 😦
            Injected a tendon. ..
            Doctor says no riding for a month!!!!! Gittin old sucks!


          • A month???? Oh no!!!! That will be so hard for you. And Valiosa will get out of shape, unless you have someone else riding her? Yikes! So sorry to hear it. I hope you recover quickly and stay sane while grounded.

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          • Yeah. (Hanging head.) Wasn’t at all what I signed up for. Surgeon said 2 weeks in a boot, then after injection, he switched to 4. Of course he knew I wouldn’t elect to do this knowing I’d be out for so long. And then the physical therapy after.
            Well, Valiosa will spend most daytime hours in pasture with friend.
            Getting out of shape, but usually something good comes out of the really bad stuff.
            I can’t wait to find out what it is! 🙂


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