Schooling Vs. Showing

We’ve all been there.

Schooling the greenie at home, maybe with somewhat whacked out geometry and “fair enough” precision.  But you know, getting a feel that;  Yes, this is finally sort of coming along!

Then on show day, almost half the communication is lost.  Not for you?  It’s OK to smile at this photo bomb anyway.

At home, Miss Grey Mare, going really well.

cantering through corners
Good canter, no four beats
cantering straight
Straight, stepping in well underneath, no freaking out.
horse not bracing in the neck
Listening, going forward, not bracing or curling behind…
Elinor Yee
Love her!

And then, in the showring.  Valiosa’s take on it –

lengthening canter with young horse
Canter Lengthening – “Weeeh, we go up and down!  Short steps now!”
15 M canter cirle - "Let's counterflex!"
15 M canter circle – “Let’s just go straight here!  No, still canter circle?  How about I almost trot instead?”
horse looking at camera at dressage show
“Eeeek, a camera! Sure, some  1500 shots of me on that blog, but a camera here at the show, – now that’s just too much!”

6 thoughts on “Schooling Vs. Showing

  1. Ah yes, the camera…and not even at a show! The other day Charm and I were riding indoors while another rider was taking a lesson. A person was standing at the rail watching the other rider. All is fine. That person pulled out a white smart phone to photo/video/whatever. Not fine at all. Horsie says “not going near there” and veers off toward X…

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  2. Ah yes! I used to have a coach who said that you loose 40% of what you have at home when you are in the show ring. Now my coach says she wants to see 150% at home so that in the show ring I might have something worth looking at. HaHa! Keep on keeping on!

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  3. This is my mare every time, we can have a month straight of perfect at home, and my coach saying “I have no comments, other than keep it up!” To showing the next week and she is horrible, distracted and maybe my nerves making her nervous…. She is a seasoned show horse, but it is our first year of showing together, green or new horse it all takes time!

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