Things Are Going Great. Time For A Break.

Really GOOD rides last week.  Then Monday & Tuesday…

Disastrous.  And I’ll be left guessing what was wrong for Miss Grey, and why – for a month.

Today is the first day of a planned break.  An ugly injection in a tendon yesterday.  For me, not for her.  Red blood cell platelets are going to magically transform my Achilles to a 17 years younger version of itself.  (Yes please.)

But first, stall rest, excruciating pain, a clumsy walking boot, and crutches to start.  Not kidding about the pain.

The orthopedic surgeon mentioned using a the boot for 2 weeks at the first appointment.  Now the sentence has been upped to 4 weeks.  Could it be for bad behaviour?  I definitely didn’t kick at the needle or nip at the assistant…

Think I’m going to miss her?!!  I’ll be hopping out on crutches in sink mud in the pasture just to see her.  One Major Sucky Month will all be worth it in the end!  horse with checkered blanket in pastureAnd once up to better walking/crab limping;  taping a garbage bag on the whole chalupa and figuring out how to muck the paddock in this rig.

The new bell boots got on exactly one day too late.  Just in case I felt there was too little to worry about – left front missing.  Crazy cantering and flinging around with her friend is too much fun to pass up.  Especially in the deep, muggy, parts.

derpy horse

The good news – bare hind feet again and a no problem transition – ridden in both the arena and on a trail ride.  I’m not all that into having long boring discussions back and forth on this.  (The crazies on the horse forums do it so well.)  Just thought it could be encouraging to know, for the hundredth time, that it can be done with a horse in full work.

mares turned out together
That’s her boss there on the side.

Seriously, no riding for a month?  Good thing is I’ve trained her to mount/dismount from both sides and park still at the mounting block.  Maybe a bareback pad ride…  If she’ll stay in check.  Not sure I can pull off very much at all with just one leg.  Maybe some free work!

Give it three days on the couch before I start cribbing or chewing the front door.

winter grass in california
Winter in California – the grass is finally here!!

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  1. Bummer! Take care of yourself so you can get back at it at the first opportunity! I am sure you will figure a way to stay sane during the month. It will do you both good. I see intensive grooming sessions in your future! Get creative with ground work. It will make your bond stronger.

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    1. Thank you Avery! I’ve been (un)fortunate to have plenty of training with being sick and injured and chained to the couch/crutches/walking boot/knee scooter/wheel chair.

      I promise I won’t go nuts. Too old for that 🙂
      Definitely looking forward to some creative ground work.
      Not sure what we can come up with – but I’m all for more bonding of course!

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    1. Oh thank you. Horrendous pain today, so yes, I’m hoping this will get better quickly. I went back and read your Ireland part 1 today – such a trip! I would absolutely love to go!!!


    1. Thank you Lisa! This is the route I’m going to take – the break will be great for her (awesome with active pasture rest for a young horse), and we will have a wonderful new start sometime by mid December!
      Been thinking about you and Drifter, so happy you’ve got some new adventures coming up!

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  2. I feel your pain ( the mental pain if not the physical pain). I’ve had those “off” times with hip replacements and broken legs and surgeries. But it is great to come back. Last time I had a horse that was off I read “The Tao of Equus” by Linda Kohanov ( Spelling?) It gave me some other aspects of the horse rider relationship to think about that do not involve riding. Maybe you might find it interesting.
    On the topic of back shoes my horse ( competing at PSG) does not have back shoes. He has never had them. His previous owner said she did not shoe him behind because she was saving money. HaHa! Well he still has no back shoes and it seems to be going ok. Don;t fix it if it ain’t broke!

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    1. Thank you for the tip Anne! Once I’m better and can perhaps leave the house, not to mention the couch, I’ll take a trip to the library with my boys. We love going, but I never know what to pick up for myself.

      Love it that Biasini can go bare behind, and has been for so long. I know several other horses that do, and it would be great to see it become the norm 🙂

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  3. Time for the off-saddle work, perhaps some visualization exercises – i.e., the ideal practice ride and the ideal showring ride. Then, you can chart out both rides on paper with all the cues.

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    1. Visualization is a big one for me. I’ve used it A LOT in my other sport, it’s the only way to win, really. Or, you’re just a very good, 2nd place, participant.

      Good advice. There will be some goal setting here under the cozy blankets for sure 🙂 Thank you David!


      1. That sounds like an ouch and a half. I know how being off your feet can make one go stir-crazy. Last year, at Nationals, Elizabeth was stepped on by SAM during the unload. For a short time, we thought her foot was broken. We did the video call with Laurie, here at home. She talked dad through the exam. It turned out to be a deep bruise. While Laurie thought it would be best Elizabeth not to ride, my sis was determined to ride through the pain. Getting her boots on and off hurt plenty.

        The advice my dad gave about visualization and charting out rides was good. Since you may not be riding and exercising much, you can still work your upper body. It’ll help with your rein grip when you get back on saddle.

        Take care and stay well,

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        1. Elizabeth is a tough cookie. We sort of have to be, if we’re ever going to get anywhere in this sport 🙂
          I hear you on the upper body work.
          While still in a lot of pain,there’s not much that can be done, since even small movements create vibrations with pain. But I’m using an app for minor upper body movement, limited core, and some general mobility. It will help a lot in the long run! But I know I’ll be weakened at the end of this no matter what haha.
          Thank you for thinking of me.


  4. Gorgeous pictures of the Grey Mare, as always. Take good care of yourself and do your own rehab properly, o.k.? Just like a horse, you need to rest and let things heal or you will set yourself back. As for bare back feet on the mare, Star goes the same way and it works great for her 🙂 Yay, no shoes! Wish she was barefoot all around but I’m too chicken to try it. Take good care of yourself and rest up.

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  5. I love it how many appreciate my little updates and pictures from the “backyard pastures”!
    Great to hear about Star!
    Very nice’s to be able to do it. I bet she had really good, hard, PRE feet to start so it was just a piece of cake for her to continue that way.
    So worth it!


  6. So, maybe try for relaxing bareback trail rides…is that an oxymoron??? Anyway, am sure you will find a way to keep “in touch” with Miss Grey. Re the shoes, my mare started out with no shoes at all, and would have continued that way had she not been quite so downhill. We slapped front shoes and rim pads on her to lift up the front end a tad, and so far for nearly three years have never had to search for missing footwear. Fortunately her feet have always been super sturdy. She is starting to go uphill now, and I would remove the shoes in a flash if she should agree to completely uphold her end of the bargain.

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    1. Nope, while miss grey is very steady and I always feel safe on her, she IS a young horse with all sorts of new tricks surfacing. Babreback trail ride with only one functioning leg would be asking for trouble.
      I sometimes minimize her “stuff” simply because I know her so well and know she won’t escalate to madness, and also because I’ve been riding for so long it really doesn’t feel too alarming.
      But. In my new state of weak helplessness I won’t even try to lunge her. Keeping it smart.
      Soon though!
      Love 💖 it that you can keep your girl in fronts only! And that they stay on!!! That’s been a bit of a problem for us 😉 …


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