Last Ride Was A Blooper

Thought we’d have fantastic riding days at the end.  Nope…  Strange behavior where I didn’t know what to make of it.

I’m ignoring that whole thing now, focusing only on the other couple of rides the week before that, which were great!

Yesterday was the first day making it out to the barn, no crutches but a walking cast and a slow gimpy gait.  So slow the dogs even gave up on following.

Valiosa, lovely to see.

grey horse with white boots
Think I’ve missed her?

Somehow, I’ve created the perfect therapy horse!  She’d match my turtle gait, waiting patiently for me to do everything in ultra slow motion, and didn’t freak out when I had to lean on her a bit while walking with the wheel barrow and lead at the same time.

Thought there’d be some awkward moments where I’d be afraid to get stepped on or pushed over, since everything is so wobbly now.  She looked out for me every step of the way, waiting with a deep sigh as I fumbled a bit with the gate as I let her out in pasture.

Yeah.  So I forgave everything 🙂

After 5 days straight rest, she did some strange-ish lunging and several low jumps on the line over a jump that happened to be in there.  Planning on doing some simple lunge work 2-3 more days this week to keep up a bit of fitness.

Farrier came out to put a front back on.  Grain bags got filled.  Michelle, who is such a super star, drove me to get some new hay.

All is well 🙂

Onto week 2 of recovery!

Dressage On A Dime A Horse For Elinor

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