Welcome Winter!

Well almost.

Californians be like;  -“Quick, get it in!  That one’s dying!

rim frost on horse

“Pretend it’s winter” months are here.  Can we have some fake-rim-frost please!

frost on horse muzzle

11 thoughts on “Welcome Winter!

  1. Just got our first snow today. Nothing big, just a dusting. Supposedly more to come tomorrow. Not-so-good part is the ridiculous wind, blowing the snow sideways past the windows. I’ve been waiting most of the day for it to die down before I go out. Not in the mood to get blown over!

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  2. Beautiful! You take the most gorgeous photographs.

    Our first snow left everything muddy, slick, and drenched. Nothing stuck, thankfully. The wind was the worst part.
    But tomorrow we get some sun!!

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    1. I know that feeling of waiting to get the mud to freeze over. Except here it never happens 😳
      Must admit, while I take most of my own pictures, these are not mine…
      Few places in inland Cali where you’d ever see this. But I LOVE it that you like my shots! 😍

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