Soon Finishing Up 2 Weeks of Recovery

Valiosa, healthy and spry as ever.

I’m the slower one, dragging us both down.  But it’s OK, we’re both really happy and things are going well.  Going to be a long month with no riding, but we’re doing our best to have some fun.

It’s absolutely wonderful that you keep checking in on us at the blog – thank you!

A day of tarp work.  Really wasn’t necessary.

lunging with a tarp

horse faking a spook
Fake spooking at the tarp. Just an excuse because we had roof workers on their 1st day out there.

introducing tarp to horse

working horse with tarp

horse not afraid of tarp
This tarp work is seriously overrated. Next, please.

On another note – I finally get to make a special post soon, probably the best one for the rest of this year.

Wrapping up Valiosa’s 1st Year in late November in 2015 was really fun.  Almost time for a new Before & After post to wrap up the 2nd Year…  Coming up next week!

7 thoughts on “Soon Finishing Up 2 Weeks of Recovery

  1. I love this idea of tarp work! Up here there is one horse that is very skittish about being mounted when he has a quarter sheet on. This time of year we all start our rides with quarter sheets. Today temps are just below freezing and gale force winds! Biasini is fine with a quarter sheet thank goodness. Best wishes for your recovery continuing to speed along!

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    1. Hi! Thank you! Recovery is going much better than expected. I’m already rehabbing at home, with moving the foot and gently strengthening the calf. I hope it keeps going this direction!

      Quartersheets can be spoooooky 😉 The least favorite part is when it gets so cold everything sort of dries out, and then there’s all this static electricity. Eeeeek!
      Well. I can’t justify owning a quartersheet here. But I do remember how it was…

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    1. Haha Teresa. We’re doing our best to stay in shape here 🙂 Both of us. This mare gains weight by the day. Lil bit of redneck tarping around seemed like a good idea 🙂
      Next post – some real action coming up! 🙂


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