Mary Wanless Clinic

6 hr car round trip to audit your riding biomechanics guru?!  Sure!!!

I was lucky to get to do just that, and spent a day at American Sport Horse, outside Santa Cruz.

Mary Wanless, in just the few hours I was there, did all the magic I knew she could do.  And more.  Here she is with Leslie and her charming little gelding.

Mary Wanless at American Sport Horse

She’ll visit the U.S in just two locations – East Coast, and Watsonville between Capitola and Santa Cruz.  So, you get it that I was excited to attend 🙂

With the Dressage On A Dime budget, her 3-Day clinic is not in the cards for Valiosa and I.  But I’m lucky to have a little help from someone who is trained in the Wanless method, so all may not be lost…

Mary Wanless in California
Question and answer session. Surprise, my hip tweak is a rare one and there’s no quick-fix. There’s never a quick-fix.

While I’m rehabbing my tendon and things are a bit slow, I can still see that you’re checking in on us as much as ever before, which is great! 🙂

I appreciate it, because I worry about all sorts of things.  Will everything get better with my pesky multiple tendon thingies?  Will my horse develop, or are we spiraling down the wrong direction?  Will we still be stuck where we are now, in a few months…

Now, there was this promise of a new Before And After post, back in this post: “Show Me Your Before And Afters!”…

That one was read by so many!  I know you like a good makeover, or simply Before & After horse shots.

It’s time!  Check in on Monday next week – time for a wrap up on 2016!

Because really, just how many pictures do we need of her stupid horse?…

Hey, I heard that!

6 thoughts on “Mary Wanless Clinic

    1. I know the feeling!
      Maybe someone trained in the Wanless method in your area…? I know Texas is absolutely enormous, (I lived there for 1 year.) but it can’t hurt to look around.
      Then again, if you’re like me, without a horse trailer, that opens up another big bag of problems 🙂

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  1. What a great opportunity. One of the things that I loved about the Centred Riding clinic I did is that it assumes that the rider has some physical issues and the trick to figure out how to work with them and ride in balance.

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    1. It’s great, isn’t it!? I’d love to get even more involved with it. It’s a tricky balance, because the work focuses so much on the rider, not so much on riding specific movements, and most of us don’t want to work ONLY on our seats. But what a difference it makes, right!!!?


  2. Since I sign the checks, a clinic has to reveal something new and was not known before. Moreover, any suggestions have to fit in with the training/practice routines. But, if it came down to choosing between a horse trailer and a clinic, my girls would choose a trailer every time over a clinic. In Colorado, a trailer is a necessity.

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    1. Oh I hear you on that David! A trailer is a little distant dream for me. One day, it WILL happen. But realistically, a truck to pull it should come first 😉 That one is on my two year wish list.
      Going really slow with that one, sigh, somehow, paying to send my boys to more scout camps always seem to come first.
      I know you can relate to that 😉


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