Year End Award

Valiosa received her first award over the weekend.

Our chapter of CDS (California Dressage Society.) is active and good-sized, even with two other chapters close by.  It’s a good group, and in 2017 I’ll be stepping it up even more with my time and getting involved at board meetings.

At this years Foothills Chapter Year-End Holiday Party and Awards night, Valiosa surprised by nabbing the High Point.

high point award in dressageI somehow ended up competing as Open Division (Gasp!) and felt I needed to return her award.  (Seriously – there’s nothing Pro about the riding, I’m all Adult Amateur.)  But, nope, she keeps the award, and now has this beautiful plaque and soft padded leather halter with nameplate.

year end dressage awardsNever saw that one coming!    (Hands down the most thrilled Chapter Award recipient ever!)

Of the shows I rode her in this year, only two of them were rated through USDF/USEF.  We have limited resources to even get off the property, and I do most of our training on my own.

It’s a very backward set-up to get to play in dressage at all, but we still do it and have fun!

So rewarding to have her recognized for the work we’ve done together.

Just pointing out that it can still happen!

If I can do this – so can you!

16 thoughts on “Year End Award

  1. Congratulations! Dressage takes an incredible amount of devoted time to really pass the beauty of the art on. I’m so proud that you earned, that you worked so hard to achieve this. It truly is remarkable.

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    1. This was very Spirit Lifting, to say the least 🙂
      You know, when you’re feeling very aching and gimpy, and sort of bummed some pesky body parts never seem to heal.
      And your horse is not allowed to blossom like she could with someone else.
      And you wish you had access to more frequent quality training.
      Well, then this fit the bill just right!
      Happy Chapter Member 🙂

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      1. Your horse IS blossoming. Just look at your pictures over the last year and a half. Wow. What a lot of progress! Keep doing what you are doing. Of course we all get consumed by doubts and know that our horse would do so much better in the hands of Charlotte du Jardin (I just imagined that this morning – Star being ridden by Charlotte, ha!). But what does my horse want? Food, shelter, meaningful work that makes sense and is fair, and a relationship with the rider. Your mare loves you, it is clear to see. Keep doing what you are doing, keep growing, keep learning, keep believing, keep trying – and yes, failing, and trying again.

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        1. All smiles.
          We carry on 🙂 Imagining Charlotte on my mare, her hands would be a LOT more forward. So, forward hands it is! The rest is pretty much the same, right 😉

          All that aside, what I would absolutely love to see, is a few rides with a pro, just to get to see her true potential, and see what she looks like when really using her self. Some power and elasticity would be a treat to see.
          Well, yeah, and then have to tell them get OFF my horse haha 🙂 !

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  2. Congratulations to the both of you.

    It is not about the ribbons, scores and the rated shows. The award is a recognition of the hard work. They see a beautiful, graceful rider with her beautiful, graceful horse. My daughters have said you are much, much better rider than you give credit to yourself. Savor the moment, treats to Miss Valiosa. 🙂

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    1. Truly appreciate you following our journey David. Thank you for all the support and cheering from the sidelines! Wonderful daughters who take time to peek in at the dressage pictures too – I’m loving all my blog support friends! 🙂


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