Winter Dental Clinic

Surprise, there WAS an issue with the teeth.

Annual power float at the farm.

how often should you float horse teethValiosa had some sharp points last time, but the vet did not recommend floating more often, just to stay on top of it and be aware of problems.

Well, miss Gray Mare didn’t speak of any problems, until very recently…  This time the vet found she had developed more sharp points, or excessive transverse ridges, in more areas, and on BOTH sides.  Sore areas in the cheeks far up in the mouth, and this time also up in the front.

All fixed up now, and she’ll definitely be on the Frequent Flyer dental care routine.  For as easy as she is, guess she has to be high maintenance with something.

dental float to remove sharp points

Also felt good to get confirmation on my assessment of a small mouth and the need for a very thin bit – there’s really not much room in there at all for a bit.

She’ll be feeling a LOT better without entire rows of teeth cutting in to her cheeks with each chewing motion!

Sweet girl, dealing with all that and still never, ever, trying to get her rider off.

riding after power floatMy son – way taller than the arena fence now!  Can we make it stop…

Ending the day with a gelding who’s taken his dental problem to a whole new level.  Not for the squeamish!

8 thoughts on “Winter Dental Clinic

  1. Oh my gosh, that poor gelding! Infection somewhere that they had to drain? Yuck! Poor horse! Of course I had to watch with sick fascination. I hope he healed o.k.?
    Glad to hear that Valiosa is now all fixed up. Star tends to develop points on her teeth, too – I have her on the 9 month dental plan, seems to work o.k.

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    1. In an earlier video they first drained out a HUGE syringe of it. I suppose that’s when they decided something more drastic had to be done. Amazing to see that this can BOTH happen, and that it can be helped with such a procedure… I believe this is in G.B. A vets dental office who posts a lot of detailed videos for those of us who tend to get a bit too much into the details 😉

      Good to know about Star. Last time I went 10 months between, and there was sharp points already. We’ll be on the 6 month routine until in the clear. Although 9 months sounds a lot better!


      1. Yuck, poor horse. Hoping Star can stay on the 9 month routine but I’ll be keeping an eye on how she seems to feel with the bit. As Valiosa gets a bit older you may be able to space those dental intervals out a bit more…hoping Star can get to an annual exam eventually but who knows?

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        1. Maybe they’re related 😉
          So, now, I’m sort of itching to try the loose ring again… But, we’re going to stay steady, getting back into routines, and not changing stuff up! Just one thing at a time. First up, a lesson this weekend – yay!!!
          Then, later next week, changing to a new pad that arrived today. It’s AWESOME!
          If all continues well, I’m ready to dare the loose ring again… 😉 Such a daredevil 🙂

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    1. Me too Teresa!
      Nothing as bad as knowing there might be something sort of “off”, but you can’t put your finger on it. Fiddling with saddle, checking legs, hooves and back endlessly, all that stuff. Big relief it was just as simple as teeth floating!


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