Celebrating Small Things

Hello?  Maybe we can do some real training now..?

I’m back to walking, sort of (A gimp.  As much pain as before.  So, might as well get used to it and carry on.).  And Valiosa’s period of teeth problems and interesting behavior is over.

She has continued training and is in the same shape, but I can’t really say we’re in a different spot with dressage than we were, say, 6-7 weeks ago.

That’s OK.  I know many of you are struggling with snow, mud, and intense cold and have some downtime for a while.  I’m lucky to be able to continue through the year.  That’s what we’ll do.

Today, celebrating the small things.

1     Back in summer, when the right bend was so hard, rides often started with just counterflexing toward the rail a few strides in trot.  The only way to get any bend at all.  I think we’re past this stage.  Yay!

counter flexing to get the bend

2     Cavaletti work is still happening.  Once per week, not endless rounds.  Just a bit to keep the right muscles triggering.  Doing them on the lunge is easy, if for any reason you’ve wrecked your self and can’t ride for a while, I promise.

cavalletti for abdominalsThey’re spaced a bit further apart now than the ones in the background here.

3     Canter strides  with toe forward, not pointing out!  The holy grail!  (Told you we’re celebrating small things!)

riding with toes forward not pointing out

4     And hey, we’ve got this little arena improvement now too!  An edging, rail road ties, along the long edge.  Footing stays inside the arena.

rail road ties as edging in horse arena

Rumor has it we might get these on the other long side as well. 

All really good stuff!

Enjoy the weekly commute view to the Andalusian farm – always the most beautiful in fall and early winter.

amador county california vineyards

Pictures from my friend Michele Dodge, who is great with her camera.  And who actually takes the time to stop…

shenandoah valley vineyards grape wines in fall

6 thoughts on “Celebrating Small Things

    1. They do! Just noticing them makes it all so much concrete 🙂
      So far with concussions, various broken and bruised toenails and thumbs, bone bruises, tail bone smashes, and mild knee crushes, I haven’t stayed out of the saddle overly long.
      Hoping to keep a good streak! 🙂

      On another note, I’ve been reading posts in your blog, some from a couple of years back even.
      I have to say, it’s quite a journey you’ve been on. All this stuff, we never, ever, imagined it would happen when we started out blogging…


  1. Back on the saddle must feel good. It’s finals week for my girls. On Friday, it’s an indoor session at RRC then hunker down for an icy cold weekend. It may be cold, we’ll still be visiting the horses.

    Since you asked about a post on the Nationals, it comes tomorrow (Wed). It is a lengthy read that scratches the surface, but I hope you enjoy it.

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