winter mud and horses
Horses, Every Day

How Much Mud U Got?

Your one-time chance to complain about it!

‘This the season for crusted coats, felted fetlock feathers, and matted manes.

muddy pasturesHow much do you have?  I’d love to hear about it!  Well.  Maybe just to make me feel better.  We have.  Some.  So, complain away 🙂

winter mud and horses

Presenting: shots of Gray Mare in the lovely mossy front pasture.

To be honest, I’d take mud any day before 104 heat and bone dry air.  All this green is awesome!

how much mud is too much for horses

horse in green moss forest

– “Look, that’s all, you’re coming in now.”


17 thoughts on “How Much Mud U Got?

    • Ah, I think I’m feeling better already; ) Nothing like currying off a matted, wet, fur ball.
      If you get the snow, things will instantly get better! Unless it melts really soon, right 😉
      It’s our official “allowed day to complain.” Thank you for joining in!!!!

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    • Oh, yes, cold!!! That’s where you have to warm the bit in the armpit, but it never warms up.
      And the ground is a concrete-hard wobbly, ankle breaking, landscape from all frozen hoof prints… unless covered by snow…
      We’ve got nothing to complain about with this little mud ! 🙂


  1. Take off that muddy blanket and she would look like a fairytale horse in her mossy forest. Such a pretty face! We don’t have much mud where I am because the barn is up on a hill (we get wind, though!), and they have paved many of the paths around the barn with concrete. Nice and dry but a bit scary to walk/ride on. The paddocks are sandy so they are wet after rain but not particularly muddy/icky. Star lives under shelter so she stays clean (yay). I am enjoying the clean living, so easy; on the other hand, I sure would like a little sunshine so I could ride outside occasionally. Always something!

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    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who can see it! She can look absolutely etheral sometimes out there on her own. Then I show up, and I get the “mule” look 🙂
      Love a barn with proper infrastructure around it. Makes a difference! But, concrete is slippery sometimes even when dry, so I understand why you have to be careful.
      We are absolutely DROWNING today!!!
      I tried to dig a ditch, sort of, but had to give up. Filled her outdoor shelter to the brim with straw instead…
      Valiosa went her best so far, ever, this morning, so really, who cares 🙂

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    • OH, lovely!!! It’s always SO great when everything gets blanketed in snow. And I love the sound then. Or the absence of it. And the smell.
      You can tell I miss it…
      Enjoy Alli!
      And keep your toes warm!


  2. Very little mud, but we will be fighting the cold. Snow, very little for now. When we step up practice after Christmas, it’ll be trailering to RRC’s indoor arena nearly every day.

    Congratulations on the award. No better rider to win than you. 🙂


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    • The cold can be brutal, much more so than some mud. And I know how much more planning you may have to do around it. Trailering to an indoor is NOT a piece of cake in freezing conditions and icy roads. Seems that all metal, hinges, hooks, buckles and other parts refuse to work all dependent on how frozen the fingers are…

      Small award – I stay humble in my little corner. But many thanks!


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