No Other Horse Like Him

The Professor.

Valegro retires
Photo Keith Houghton

Top record-breaking in the history of dressage.  That’s not the only reason everyone wanted him to win again, and again.

But because of his background.  His rider.  His coach and groom.  His training, and the direction modern dressage should evolve.  It represents everything ever said; that it just can not happen.  But it did.

valegro retires
Retirement ceremony at the Top Of His game at age 14

We say Good Bye & Thank You.

In case you missed it – Valegro at 5, already winning everything:


15 thoughts on “No Other Horse Like Him

    1. Yes! Every article, I’m just amazed at how “regular and average” they started out. I think this is why we’re all so enamored and inspired by her riding, and by him, who was not a big ticket horse from the start 🙂


    1. And smiles too – you can hear the hopes he’s got for the horse, yet not wanting to make any promises. Little did he know what was to come…
      What is SO cool though, is how much potential Valegro showed back then already. (Oh, or perhaps that’s depressing, for us, ehrm, non-gifted-super-horse riders…)

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  1. We all face this prospect, how long before we must retire a beloved show ring partner. We’ll be facing this in 3-4 years from now with three of our horses. While it’ll be sad, it is all part of the process.


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    1. The only alternative would be to retire right along with the horse… Of course we’re not ready for that just yet 🙂 The really tough decision would also have to be just WHEN.
      Fingers crossed for just the perfect solution for your three when it’s time!


    1. Simply amazing. I almost feel like I missed out – really had no idea about them at ALL just 5 years ago. Realized I’ve missed out on more than half of their era as reigning dressage masters. In all, it’s a fabulous journey they’ve done!


    1. Yes! But note too, as Hester says, he already had the 4 and 3 tempis down. At, before 5. They just wouldn’t let him do them. Some talent… That is NOT what I get to ride when I show up at the barn on my young mare.
      We’re still working on, …. steering…

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