find the best deal on mattes half pad
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Best Deal On A Mattes Half Pad

And not just any Mattes – a custom Mattes correction half pad.

Original version, not the thinner “Gold” sort of rip off version…

Sure, anyone can order it with express shipping from any of the big box tack stores and pay full price.  Boring and predictable, when you can live on the edge and order it from overseas.

best price on custom mattes half pad

Find your little Sheepskin Plush Happiness at

custom pads here:

Not affiliated.  Just happy customer.  Risking it.  So now you don’t have to.

Well, actually not all that risky, I’m not the first one doing it.

find the best deal on mattes half pad

Ignore the scary English grammar errors on their French/English website.  Prepare to wait for your order.

Mine went in November 1st, and was hand delivered through our post office, signature required, on December 13th.  Yes, worth it!

platinum version of mattes half pad

All di rite plush!

157.45 € (Euro) total, which includes the shipping price.  That’s around $164, depending on the day.

Mine has no back sheepskin roll – I like this simpler look.  As you can tell I’ve gone absolutely brilliantly wild and Technicolor with the colors too…  If you go for a non-shimmable version, a pad with full rolls go in for a similar price.

Nitty gritty on this one:  Sheepskin, Dove Gray.  Pad body, Gray.  Piping, Silver.  Velcro straps and spine, Black

Absolutely NO extra frilly triple layer cords or double bindings.

Have fun!

the cheapest way to order custom mattes half pad

Merry Little Early Christmas!


14 thoughts on “Best Deal On A Mattes Half Pad

    • 🙂 I’m glad you like it! Have had just one ride in it so far – we both approve.

      I wasn’t entirely sure it would even arrive, the shipment dragged on and there was absolutely NO word of info on the website. (We’ve gotten so spoiled from the almost eerie fast shipments from Amazon, right?)

      But it got here and everything was just as promised.
      Looking forward to having it for everyday use and not worrying about another pure white piece of tack 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. If you lived in Colorado today, it would be an online shopping day for tack. Plenty of snow, cold (4° F), and icy roads. 🙂

    We’ll be leaving JN Ranch, around noon, to head back home. Strictly a dry, horse maintenance day.

    Liked by 1 person

      • We got home okay, taking us a little longer than usual – a 1-hr drive becoming a 2-hr drive. Last night, at bedtime, it was -4 F, this morning it was -4 F. But, we made it to church and back.

        Today is a stay home day, Monday is a riding day, Tuesday is the Christmas Shopping Expedition. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • Ugh, double time home, that means a lot of slooooow, tense, driving…
          Shopping Trip tomorrow… I’m guilty of turning almost solely to online shopping now. Not fore every little present, but most. I used to really enjoy a good day at the mall. Then, Horse Girl showed up, and now I realize I haven’t been for years… 🙂 Have fun tomorrow!


    • I say you go for it! I’ve done this many many times. Usually works really well. I have been wanting to buy from Divoza, but the shipping fees are just too big to get over, so I never do. Harry’s Horse, Britain, is also LOVELY and is not pricey at all, but they don’t ship to the U.S.
      I am waiting for something from Hööks, so fun!
      Just go for it Susan 🙂


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