Starting To Look A Lot Like…

What, Easter?

We’ve got several days to go.  No stress here!

Play morning.  I know there’s been posts about jumping.  Seriously, she doesn’t do a lot of jumping.  At all. Sure, cleared 3.2 a few times, just to show her she could.

For now, occasional fun mornings with low gymnastics on the lunge.

Like this morning.

low gymnastics with dressage horse

She’ll jump with plenty of air anyway.


A bit of fun.  So the hooves don’t root themselves into the arena ground like doldrums trees.


After, rare for us, a walk outside the gate.


My favorite time in California.  Blink, and it’ll be over.


4 thoughts on “Starting To Look A Lot Like…

    1. She does. I think mostly she enjoys figuring out what I want her to do, we try something different most times I bring out some poles, and then she looks like she feels very accomplished after.
      The actual running and spending energy though, not so much. She’s way too laid back and has to be encouraged to make a go for it. The big jumper ring will probably not be for her 😉


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