creating a longer neck
Every Day Training

Wonderful Winter Holiday

And an awesome start on the week!

Except my son got an entire needle stuck in his foot, yarn and all, and it’s still buried in there despite a few late night hours at Urgent Care.  Probable surgery later this week.  We seriously never sit around with nothing to do…

Other than that – a wonderful “Days After Christmas Week!”

posting trot on young horse at all timesMonday and Tuesday’s ride with Valiosa:  Focusing only on the positive.  Ignoring the weird squirmy side effects, and keeping expectations low.

creating a longer neckShe was lovely at the end!

upright canterThis time, I tried to put very little attention to the moments where she’ll completely curl up, like below.  Just ride on.  Ignore, and focus on anything BUT the front.

horse curling up behind the bitLeg on, wait for her to come back to the hand.  Remembering to push my left side of the body forward will keep it from happening somewhat.  But secretively the left hand wants to slide down and irritate her to death.  And then she does get – Irritated.

straightness dressageI think if it feels like meditation while jumping on a trampoline, and incorporating synchronized swimming – we’re on the right track.

Have a fun week – 2016, almost over!!

softer canter


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